What does the fearless fighter Kamala Harris bring to Biden’s ticket election?

What does the fearless fighter Kamala Harris bring to Biden’s ticket election? As the 2020 November election draws ever nearer presidential candidate Joe Biden has named Kamala Harris his vice president candidate. The August 11, 2020 announcement of Kamala Harris comes as a surprise as the two were briefly rivals. Specifically, Kamala Harris the fearless fighter was also running for the office of president in the 2020 election. However, after dropping out of the race she has now accepted Biden offer vice president. Kamala brings many things to the Biden campaign that could potentially increase his chances of election.

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the fearless fighter Kamala Harris

What the fearless fighter Kamala Harris brings to Biden’s supports besides her fierce senatorial experience is additional voter support. Specifically, the woman of African-American and Hispanic descent she immediately increases the odds of gaining those votes for Biden. Additionally, she has a note history of standing up to any company that in dangerous the environment. Kamala, as a senator was noted for her harsh and direct questioning of anyone, she thought endangered the US. Also, the fearless fighter she brings a mind like a steel trap and a quick and clever voice. That is to say, she is known for quickly and logically turning the tables any debate opponent. As her running mate Joe Biden found out stirring early stages of the present campaign. Yes, the fearless fighter Kamala Harris brings many advantages to Bidens presidential campaign.

However, many of those advantages may also further polarize voters’ viewpoints on who to vote for. Kamala stance on environment protection has already put her at odds with voters who depend on jobs in these areas. Additionally, she has a great deal of experience in politics at state and federal level, she lacks in one area. That is her ability to generate bipartisan alliances or alliances within her own party for that matter. Kamala Harris nickname the fearless fighter is well earned because she won’t back down. Indeed, she is not humble even in victory and as results many find it hard to work. That being said, it’s impossible to deny or admire all she has accomplished in her career.

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