Kenja no Mago; Premise And A Possible Season 2 In The Future?

Kenja no Mago : Merlin Walford, a national hero of the kingdom of Earlshade, (voiced by Yuusaku Yara) recedes to the woods with an orphan he saved to have a much calmer environment. The orphan, named Shin, (voiced by Shouhei Komatsu) was a modern-day worker from Japan who was reincarnated into Merlin’s world and as he grows up, he becomes a master in magic casting and martial arts, though poor in social situations. To combat his social awkwardness and lack of both common sense and a sense of responsibility, Shin joins Earlshade’s Magic Academy. Kenja no Mago focuses on Shin’s life in high school at the Magic Academy where he becomes famous, makes friends, learns about the world he lives in, and battle the evil forces that surround him and the city. 

Having had the memory of his previous life, Shin grows up to be far more mature than other children his age and seeks everything in the world of magic that seemed different than the life he had lived before. He views magic in a much more sophisticated way than others — using his knowledge of science to manipulate magic in ways that others simply can’t. However, Shin is also quite reckless with his magical abilities since he doesn’t realize how groundbreaking his creations can be.

Shin from Kenja no Mago

Will Kenja no Mago have a second season?

The first season of Kenja no Mago ended in June of 2019 making a second season coming soon quite possible. Especially since it has received several positive reviews, the creators may decide to create a new season. However, there hasn’t been an official announcement that there will be a new season. 

And, because Kenja no Mago is an adaptation from a novel that already exists named Wise Man’s Grandchild, and as the anime did not cover all of the topics presented in the novels, it seems pretty likely that there should be a second season. Wise Man’s Grandchild’s author, Tsuyoshi Yoshioka is still continuing to release sequels to the novel (with a recent one coming out in July of 2020). However, once again, an official announcement hasn’t been made.

Usually, animes do take quite some time before they announce a second season so hopefully, we can expect a release by the end of 2021 or 2022. Until then, check out Cautious Hero.

Kenja no Mago Characters

The characters of the show, besides Shin Walford and Merlin Walford, include August Von Earlshide, Maria von Messina, who is friends with Sizilien von Clause, Alic Corner, Thor von Flegel, Lynn Hughes, Yuri Carlton, Tony Freyd, Julius von Littenheim, Mark Bean, and Olivia Stone.

Kenja no Mago Characters

What would a second season look like?

Looking forward, season 2 will likely include further plot development around Shin and his experience in the Magic Academy where he continues to grow and master the arts of magic with his peers. It will also likely include a development of the family that Shin comes from and their interpersonal relationships which have only begun in Season 1. We so far know that not only is Merlin Walford famous, but so too is his entire family and is very well-known in the city. This was actually a big surprise for Shin since he grew up largely secluded and wasn’t aware of his family or even what is considered beauty. He is also extremely unaware of how to deal with money or how to go shopping.


  • How many episodes long is Kenja no Mago?
    The first season of Kenja no Mago is 12 episodes long. If a second season comes, it is quite possible that it will be of similar length.
  • Scenes from which volumes are included in the first season of Kenja no Mago?
    The 1-3 volumes of Wise Man’s Grandchild are featured in the first season of Kenja no Mago. Currently, Tsuyoshi Yoshioka has written 12 volumes making a second season of Kenja no Mago very likely.
  • Is Shin the only one who remembers his past life?
    So far in Kenja no Mago, Shin appears to be the only one who remembers his previous life – therefore maturing quicker than many kids his age.