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KFConsole: KFC launches gaming console, anything can happen in 2020

KFConsole is ready to enter the gaming world
The console war is over. Check out what KFConsole looks like.

Yes, you heard it right! The console war is over. KFConsole is very much real, and it can do anything. And by anything, we mean that it keeps your chicken warm while playing games. KFC is ready to launch its gaming console and we cannot keep calm.

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KFConsole is developed in partnership with PC hardware famous for manufacturing cooler Master. Do you want to know what is so unique about KFConsole that PS5 and Xbox Series X can’t do it? Well, it is created to keep your food fresh and warm as you don’t want anyone to disturb when you play games online. KFConsole is designed in such a way that the system extracts heat through outside so that the hardware keeps your chicken warm. Isn’t it the exact nonsense that we desperately need during this year? Although it doesn’t have a release date yet, we are still keeping our fingers crossed that the company produces a customer-ready product shortly. It is also unclear whether the KFConsole would make it through the health and safety regulations.

See it yourself and find out everything about KFConsole
Power your hunger, now with KFConsole

Special features

Let us about its features and other specifications. It seems that KFConsole is ready to compete with Sony and Microsoft. The KFConsole also include a custom-built Cooler Master NC100 chassis powered by the Intel NUC 9. The graphics are provided by Asus, and there are two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB PCIe NVMe SSDs. So, it looks like KFC was serious when they announced that a gaming console is in progress. The shape of the chamber is very much similar to KFC’s chicken bucket, except that it is dressed in matte black. KFConsole has two chambers- one chamber is for all the computing power and the second chamber will keep the chicken warm while you are busy in the game. The console will offer the gameplay up to 240fps, and it also assists ray tracing technology.

KFC surprised not only its regular consumers but also the gamers, with the images and news of KFConsole. KFC Gaming handle of Twitter shared the images of KFConsole and let’s admit that it looks ‘exotic’. It Looks like KFC marketing team is on a roll because it will be the world’s first built-in chicken chamber. KFC also asked the consumers to join the movement. Now we can only hope that gets available soon as we need to power our hunger.