Apple is all Set to Enter the Electric Cars Market, Announces Plans

As the world prepares to move towards the cleaner sources of energy, Apple has also entered the race. We asked Siri about the latest plans announced by Apple, related to the Electric Cars Market. And she told us that the Apple electric car project is named as “Titan”. Research and development are still underway. As per the Reuters reports, Apple will be set for producing electric cars by 2024. There were already many rumours regarding the project of electric cars by Apple. And now the excitement is more because the vehicle will be finally coming in 2024.

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The company will build self-driving cars with its battery and technology. It would reduce the cost and would offer an extended vehicle range. The plan seems economical but we don’t know anything more about the battery optimization. Apple had already dropped a bomb with the news of doubling the battery life of the laptops. And now, it is all set to work towards cleaner energy sources and newer technology. Tesla will also start the production of self-driving cars in 2024. Is it going to be Apple v/s Tesla?

Apple announces plans to enter the electric cars market
Both Tesla and Apple will start producing electric cars in 2024

The aim is to start the delivery of passenger vehicle for consumers from 2024. Although, Apple is not a car manufacturer, it has still got an outstanding battery optimization. It is also possible that Apple will build software for the electric cars and license it to those companies which are more equipped in the automotive industry. Apple is quite a challenge taker as it has never explored the automotive field. For Apple Electric cars, the company is focussing on the lidar sensors. Lidar sensor will help the self-driving car perform multiple functions. Apple is also working on developing its own lidar related technology and intelligence. For the battery development of Electric cars, the company is looking for Lithium Iron Phosphate because it will be safer and more efficient.

The team which is overseeing the project of Apple Electric Car is headed by John Giannandrea. He is the Head of Artificial Intelligence wing in Apple and also oversees Siri. Apple users are already asking Siri all sorts of questions about ‘Project Titan’ and Apple Electric Cars Market Plan.