Karima Baloch Dead : Human Rights Activist found dead in Toronto

Karima Baloch was found dead in Toronto. Activist Karima Baloch escaped Pakistan in 2016 to take refuge in Canada she was found dead in Harbourfront closer to Toronto’s lakeshore. well, it has been reported from our sources that Karima Baloch, an activist from Balochistan, and Karima had gone missing on Sunday around 3 pm.Karima Baloch

Police officer’s told in the statement that Karima Baloch’s body was found near the island which is just closer to the Canadian city.

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Officials reported that Karima Baloch’s Husband’s Hammal Haider and brother have identified Karima Baloch’s body which is still under the police till now the cause of her death is not known. A journalist with senior designation told that the CSIS (Canadian Security agency) must be investigated the reason.

Who Was Karima Baloch?

An activist in Balochistan. Karima Baloch as the leader of the student body which is a campaign for Balochistan students advocated independence from Pakistan. She was the first female who works as a chairperson of the BSO (Baloch Student Organisation) and Karima Baloch became the organization leader after 2014 Zahid Baloch. She had been vocal about the Pakistan army and escaped from 2016 with her few friends and activists from Baloch.


She took refuge in Canada. The Karima Baloch in Toronto, Canada is very sad and deeply shocking and the action is to be taken very seriously and immediately. Karima was very active and give the conference very actively, part of all protest rallies in Canada. It had been reported from our sources stat she gets a threatening message from an anonymous number on Whatsapp and few students were abducted in 2017.

She was asked to come back to Pakistan and if she comes to Pakistan then all cases will be removed and her few students would be free. we hope that all the investigation should be taken seriously and by the time