Warner Bros Developing HBO Max show for New DC character | Christopher Nolan criticised their streaming ideas.

Warner bros HBO Max show :

Warner bros developing an HBO Max show for a new DC comic character. They seem to be breaking the barriers and trying new tricks and techniques for their streaming services.  But not welcomed by many. Especially the one in the same industry as them.

See details about this show with the new DC character and why Christopher Nolan criticized their streaming strategies.

New show for New DC character on HBO Max:

Warner Bros is reportedly developing a new show based on New totally new DC Comic character. That character will be a punchline.

Punchline’s character is a newly added character of the DC world. But she managed to hold up well with viewers.

More about “punchline” :

Well, for those of you who don’t know punchline is Joker’s New girlfriend. And HBO Max new show will solely focus on this new character. She has been added to the comic in April 2020. But has caught lots of attention.

She is one of the cruelest character and what shock you the most is she replaced nearly queen. Joker’s former girlfriend within months. And now getting series of her own.

Other DC Comic shows on HBO Max:

The punchline is totally new character but let’s see details about other shows based on DC comic.

  • DC superhero high – focus on the younger version of superheroes attending high school together.
  • Strange adventures – featuring a number of DC characters with their strange adventures
  • DMZ – definitely not for kids. Based on the second U.S civil war.
  • Batman (prequel) – revolves around the early years of batman
  • Peacemaker –  one of the suicide squad franchise
  • Green lantern – A worst space cop adaption of 2011, getting its show. Interesting to know how they will make it likable.
  • Doom patrol- as the name suggests different kinds of superheroes
  • Titans – third season streaming in 2021
  • Young Justice – Season 4 will be coming on HBO Max
  • Justice league dark – based on one of the character of justice league( which one, not revealed yet)
  • Zack Snyder’s justice league-  most awaited movie on the list
  • Aquaman: King of Atlantis – based on the superhero who rules the underwater world.
  • Wonder women (1984) also coming to HBO MAX
Warner bros HBO Max shows with new DC characters
Warner bros HBO Max shows with new DC characters

Why Christopher Nolan criticized Warner bros streaming services :

In the coming year, they have decided to stream 21 new Disney movies to HBO along with theatres. As the value of the movie will decrease eventually with cheaper options Christopher Nolan called them the worst streaming services.

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  • Warner bros HBO Max show is all about new DC character punchline
  • Along with this new character, many other DC comic-based show is coming on HBO Max
  • Christopher Nolan called Disney the worst streaming service as they are releasing new. Lubes on streaming platform HBO Max rather than theatres.