Kim Jong Un Reappears!

North Korea president Kim Jong Un has recently been the centre amongst all the controversies going around him. His unprecedented disappearance from the events held to celebrate the April 15 which marked the birthday of his grandfather. Who was the founder Kim I Sung. Media as well as the officials of the U.S. claimed that Kim Jong Un was undergoing a critical situation. During the aftermath of a cardiovascular procedure and was last seen publicly on April 12.

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During his 20-day absence, the world has been together in conjecturing the various reasons behind his constant absence. Regarding the fact that who would in fact lead in case Kim couldn’t carry on leading. A top security advisor to South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in claimed less than a week ago that Kim was in fact “alive and well,”. Disregarding any rumours that he was ill or incapacitated. The North Korea is known for being extensively secretive, and doubly so regarding its leadership and rules.

History of disappearances

Kim’s late father and predecessor of the North Korean throne had been dead for nearly two days before. When anyone outside the innermost circles of North Korean leadership came to know about the tragic news. And it goes without saying that even in 2014, Kim Jong Un was seen to be dropped out of sight for the length of  nearly six weeks before reappearing. With a cane just like the circumstances are now, since he has reappeared checking the fertilizer factory. Which he claims that his father Kim Jong II and his grandfather Kim I Sung would be greatly pleased if they heard the news of. The modern phosphatic fertilizer factory has been built”.


A few things that the media were quick to notice in the photos of reappearance of the President were regarding his appearance. There is o doubt the president had gained weight since taking power in 2011, but considering for someone to go through the ‘grave danger’ and the extensive surgery, Kim Jong Un for one looked quite similar as he used to be with having no physical weight loss or signs of weakness. He was furthering seen sporting a Mao suite and seemed to look fresh in what’s called a fresh cut.

No Corona? 

The lack of masks on any of his team members and he included sparked rumours regarding the alive speculation of Covid-19 Corona-virus specially since the North’s media has been portraying that after sealing borders, no new cases have been reported. Then again, the Korean media isn’t to be trusted for all the things that they allegedly hide.

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