Kirby Morrow, Dies at 47: Kirby Morrow, Dragon Ball Z’s Goku Voice Actor Dies at 47

Kirby Morrow, Dies at 47: 

Transformers actor and Dragon Ball Z’s Goku Voice Actor Kirby Morrow, Dies at 47. He was a Canadian actor and his family revealed his death. His family doesn’t know the reason for his death. Kirby’s brother posted his death on social media. This news is a shock to his fans. There is an investigation going on.

Kirby Morrow, Dies at 47

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Dragon Ball, Transformers Star Kirby Morrow Dies at 47

Why Kirby died?:

His brother Casey says Kirby was a blessed actor. People loved him extremely. This gave him the energy to live every day. The cause of his death is not yet revealed officially. Fans and family are heartbroken. May his soul rest in peace and may there be peace for his family as well.

 Who was Kirby morrow:

He was a Canadian actor, voice actor, comedian, etc. His work such as cyclops from X men Evolution, Jay from Class of the Titans, the voice of Goku in Dragon ball z, etc made him noteworthy. Kirby studied in Calgary and worked in Vancouver. His family revealed he was 47 when he died. Onscreen he was best known as Stargate. Kirby had started his voice acting career with Ninja turtles and was also seen in transformers.

 could Corona be the reason?

Because of Corona, there are many sudden deaths. Also, the economy is so gloomy people are losing work and becoming depressed. Especially in the entertainment industry, many cinemas are closing as quarantine is strict.  As the reason is not known, Corona could be the reason. Investigations are on.

Social media:

The mourning friends and family took to social media to express their feelings. They are offering condolence on social media. Tech giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are abuzz with the news of Kirby’s death. Who will replace him as Goku is not yet known?

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