Legend David Silva says farewell Manchester city

Legend David Silva says farewell Manchester city and the Premier league. During the course of his football career in the Premier league he has performed near supernatural feats in each game. Demonstrated ability to into position this direct his attention multiple times before scoring a goal. David Silva announced last year his legend with Manchester city would come with the conclusion of the 2019-2020 season. So, he has kept to his word with the Manchester versus Norwich being his last game in the Premier league. However, his 83-minute appearance in the July 26, 2020 game was the perfect and for his time with the league.



Legend David Silva 10-year career with Manchester city has been astonishing. However, when he started there were some doubts despite the fact that he recently helped Spain win the World Cup. Specifically, many of the Manchester city fans believe that he would be able to withstands intensity of the English game. Those doubts were gone by the end of his first season. Especially after he played a key role in acquiring the FA Cup. The first major trophy Manchester city had won in 35 years. David Silva Legend was firmly established by the end of his next season. When Manchester won the Premier league. The first time the team had done so in 44 years.

He has played in 309 having scored 60 goals and assisted in 93 scores. Additionally, his focus and discipline has made him one of the lowest penalize players in the league. In fact, over the 10 years he has played he’s only received 32 yellow cards and zero red cards. His Legend has grown so great and his contribution to the teams so undeniable that some want a statute. Specifically, many fans wish a statue placed at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium as a reminder of the Legend David Silva.

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