Lenovo, it’s no mystery that is nearly to launch a gaming smartphone. We all understand that the smartphone will launch on July 22, adjacent to the ROG Phone 3. It is additionally one of the prime smartphones to come with the Snapdragon 865 Plus, as published by Qualcomm itself.

Though, as we progress to the launch date for the smartphone, Lenovo is hyping all us up with amazing teasers about the smartphone as well. Today, the organization is teasing a 144Hz display for the Legion Lenovo gaming smartphone. The teaser dispenses off the variation between a 60Hz screen. And a 144Hz screen up while it continues to the fast-paced games for the Smartphone before-mentioned as shooters.
Nevertheless, aside from the teaser of the Smartphone, a new leaked video of the Legion smartphone’s UI has jumped up online as well. Before we examine that, it’s necessary to note that we can’t verify the video, and even though it matches genuine, it’s best to use this with a speck of salt.
Anyway, in the video of the Lenovo Legion Smartphone, we get to see a smart, lively, and quick look at the specs for the smartphone.

The screen in the video reveals up the Snapdragon 865 as the processor, simultaneously with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. That exhibits low for a gaming smartphone.

Though, as pointed out by GSMArena, Lenovo Gaming Smartphone has hinted on a more robust version; of the Legion gaming smartphone essentially well. So there’s a circumstance that the smartphone in the video is simply the lower-end non-pro Legion smartphone.
Both the process, as we approach the launch date of the Lenovo smartphone; we should get more further teasers for the smartphone. Positively these will explain away some doubts and disbeliefs about the hardware specs we can expect in the Lenovo gaming smartphone Legion.
Though, according to the GSMarena, the Lenovo gaming Smartphone will be producing another modification of this gaming smartphone. So let’s stay positive and definite!
Nevertheless, till 22 July 2020, we sure are perceiving more such teases and leaks for the smartphone.

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