Hong Kong Disneyland closes again. Due to a rise in coronavirus cases.  After 52 new cases of coronavirus were identified the entire city is entering a new shutdown/quarantine. While some individuals might say that a new shutdown is excessive measure it is also understandable. Though Hong Kong Disneyland is shutting down the resorts hotels according to a spokesperson are remaining. The spokesperson also stated that the hotels would have adjusted level of service. This is in order to maintain compliance with the new social distance enforced by Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland second closure due to coronavirus is without doubt on expected. For a month the park have been reopen. Using the Disney Corporation’s criteria for social distance. Only after have your temperature check can you enter the park. Also, you could not enter or remain within the park without wearing a facemask.  This same criterion has been used at every one of Disney’s reopening theme parks. Disney is trying to open the sparks as safely and quickly as possible. The parks generate a large portion of the company’s annual revenue.

Hong Kong Disneyland second closure is also unexpected due to its timing, coming days after Disney World reopened. Disney World reopened using the same criteria that other park have been using for a month. The only difference between the two parks is the nature of the opening. Due to its size Disney World had to do a phase reopening is only half the park opening on Sunday, July 12. Disney World’s reopening also comes amid of much larger surge of the coronavirus cases. Despite that the Disney Corporation and the state of Florida each feel is still safe for the park to remain open. This difference definitely says a lot about the Hong Kong government which his led to Hong Kong Disneyland on closing again.