Linux Graphical Applications coming to Windows SubSystem for Linux

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft; announced at the Microsoft Build 2020; a virtual conference of the developers that; the Windows SubSystem for Linux; also called the WSL; 2.0, would be providing support to the Linux Graphical Applications and other such of its apps.

Linux Graphical Apps coming to Windows SubSystem for Linux
Linux Graphical Apps coming to Windows SubSystem for Linux

Furthermore, at the recent conference hosted by X.Org Developers; also known as the XDC; Microsoft was seen partnering with the lead of the developers; Steve Pronovost.

They together announced that with the efforts of Microsoft, the possibility of the Linux graphical applications being a part of WSL; is believed to come true more than ever before. 

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The Linux graphical applications, such as the, GIMP graphics editor, Evolution e-mail client, and LibreOffice have been running smoothly on the WSL.

However, the users often found the process difficult and tiresome. For these applications to run smoothly, one had to first install a third party server, X Window display; such as, VcXsrv Windows X Server available on Windows 10.

Later the users had to tune both Windows and Linux in order to facilitate a smooth and easy functioning of the two together. Moreover, The X Window System is believed to underlie most of the Linux graphical user interfaces.

However, with Microsoft now making the Wayland Display Server a part of the WSL; all Linux and Windows GUI applications can run with ease on the same desktop screen at the same time.

The Wayland is one of the most popular X Window server that is famously known for its compatibility. It will connect the Linux graphical applications, with the support of a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), to the main display that Windows has.

The partnership between the two, Microsoft and Linux, has been in talks for a while now. Microsoft had earlier, four years ago, introduced WSL, that had facilitated the entry of Linux Bash Shell to Windows 10.

With the help of Bash and WSL together the users would have access to easily run most of the Linux Shell tools that are available; and other such Linux programming languages.

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