Global Microsoft Outage- All Cloud Services Down

A Global Microsoft Outage has brought down its cloud services all around the world. Now that’s something we weren’t expecting. Everything from office 365, to outlook and teams, is not working. Meanwhile, Microsoft is trying to find the reason for this unexpected development. Users of Microsoft were facing some authentication issues like they couldn’t log in to teams, so it brought a recent change. And the firm believes that this recent change may be the reason for the outage.

This Global Microsoft outage had affected all its cloud-based services inaccessible. Though the people who were already logged in to 365 were still able to continue the use of it. This poses a bigger problem as in the midst of the pandemic these services like teams were vital for students as well as professionals. Even after the changes were rolled back to lessen the impact of the Windows and Office software didn’t see many successful connections.

Effect on Users
Global Microsoft Outage
“Effect on Users”

The Global Microsoft outage has halted many activities and several users have taken to Twitter to complain. This issue has led to several canceled interviews and effected the classes. Microsoft was evaluating several solutions while trying to identify the root cause of the outage. In April the company had reported that services like teams had 75 million daily active users. This shows us how the pandemic has made us rely more on technology. While for some time technology had been a significant part of our lives, the pandemic has increased its importance. This global outage has also made us realize how the world would fare without technology.

Microsoft has blamed a recent update for this outage and has already started taking steps to mitigate the impact. And at 3 a.m. UTC Microsoft has announced that it has mostly restored the cloud-based services. But still a small subset of users in North America and the Asia Pacific were unable to access the services. It is working to remedy that.

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