Call of Duty Cold War Zombies revealed, Coming On Wednesday

Call of Duty Cold War Zombies‘ new version leaked many days ago. The pictures were out but no one was sure if they were the original pictures. But seems they were the original. And the new complete version of the game will release soon.

I t is one of the most waited games of 2020 but takes time to come in front. There were many speculations for many days about the release. But till then, no confirmation was there from the developer site.

It was only last night the official twitter account revealed the release date. And the trailer will release on Wednesday in their official channel as well as on YouTube.

The beta version of the game is already running with a number of developments. Bu finally the complete version is going to out on November 13. Fans of Call of Duty Cold War Zombies can embrace themselves for the trailer release till then.

The teaser on twitter itself is so exciting. The trailer is going to be amazing with some cinematographic effects on it. The developers launch an amazing trailer for the game to attract gamers.

Call of Duty Cold War Zombies is already is in very much hype. Gamers waiting for the complete version since than. And it is going to be one of the most successful by the developer if there is no bug found.

Call of Duty Cold War Zombies
Call of Duty: Black Ops

The PS4 owner can pre-order the game to get it as earlier as possible. This will also available in newly launched PS5 with amazing graphics and sound quality.

For many days now their campaign was going in full-pledged and the hype is in peak. It’s now waiting for the trailer and moreover the release of the complete version. Gamers now can take a long breath and hook up for the amazing game!

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