List of Best 10 KissManga Alternatives in 2023 [Official and Non-Official]

Anime is gaining global popularity. Websites and apps offer streaming options and the ability to read manga episodes online for free. One notable website for manga enthusiasts is Kissmanga, which is highly valued by those who enjoy reading manga.

KissManga is a well-known platform for reading Manga, known for its user-friendly interface and large collection of comics. The site features an organized selection of shows, as well as high-definition resolution for a superior reading experience.

If you enjoy both Manga and anime, there are several alternatives to KissAnime for watching your favorite shows. While KissManga is a great option for reading Manga, here are some of the best substitutes for it. These options may be just as good, or even better and also provided Rating for Every Alternatives.

List of Best KissManga Alternatives in 2023:

1. Crunchyroll Rating – 4.9/5

  • Crunchyroll is a top manga website
  • Offers a specialized selection of content
  • Over 1,200 series available
  • Offers many simulcast shows
  • Ad-free viewing
  • Content is divided into two main genres: drama and anime
  • A wide variety of anime series offered, including action and drama.
  • online streaming

2. Manga Reader Rating – 4.7/5

  • Manga Reader is an online Manga reader website or app that is simple but offers many features.
  • Has a collection section that allows users to access series for all seasons and years.
  • Provides different sections for searching, including a trending section.

3. Manganelo Rating – 4.6/5

  • Manganelo is a top website for manga enthusiasts.
  • Also functions as a social networking platform for manga fans to share their opinions.
  • Offers thousands of options in each category for easy selection and enjoyment.
  • Has a simple interface and no registration is required to read Manga.
  • Free for everyone

4. Mangapark Rating – 4.5/5

  • Mangapark is a rapidly growing website that allows you to read a vast selection of Manga.
  • Boasts one of the largest communities of manga lovers who share thousands of Manga.
  • Exhilarating and offers a simple interface similar to a social media app.
  • Makes it better than other similar websites

5. Manga Me Rating – 4.2/5

  • Manga Me is a website that is fifth in our list of top Kissmanga alternatives.
  • Allows users to create their own anime/manga characters using an AI-powered feature.
  • Users can upload a picture or capture one from their camera roll to generate a manga character.
  • Allows users to easily create a graphic novel without needing to learn how to draw.

6. ComicWalker Rating – 4.2/5

  • ComicWalker is similar to and a sister website of BookWalker.
  • Focuses on providing anime rather than Manga.
  • Website is easy to navigate, and both English and Japanese versions are user-friendly.
  • Users can access the app without registering.
  • Has some additional features such as creating a favorite library and receiving notifications when new comics are published.

7. Webtoons Rating – 3.9/5

  • Webtoon is a top platform that offers thousands of stories across 23 categories including fantasy, comedy, romance, action, horror, and more.
  • Allows users to easily create unlimited chapters, series and more.
  • With unlimited creation access, many fans find themselves making their own Manga on the Webtoon website

8. VIZ Media Rating – 3.8/5

  • VIZ Manga is an excellent platform for manga readers, featuring the full VIZ digital library for reading popular Manga and comics straight from Japan.
  • Includes popular series such as One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.
  • VIZ Media offers free manga series or chapters every Friday for all manga readers.

9. DeanManga Rating – 3.6/5

  • DeanManga is a great option for those looking for a simple and easy to use manga comic website or app.
  • Allows users to easily find manga comics based on author, model, year of release, artist, and categories.
  • Users can also search for manga by name using the Find box.
  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to find and access comics quickly.

10. Mangafreak Rating – 3.6/5

  • Manga Freak offers the ability to read a variety of free manga and anime comics.
  • Has a large collection of popular series such as One Piece, Naruto, Boruto, Bleach, and more.
  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to access and navigate.
  • No registration required to read the manga.
  • Includes all currently broadcasting manga on the homepage of the website.
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What is KissManga?

KissManga is a valuable source of some people’s manga and Japanese literature. Many people don’t have clue about what manga is, or the difference between manga and anime, though. Manga is a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels. It’s mostly aimed at young adults. KissManga Anime is a style of Japanese film and television animation. It is mostly made considering its target audience which is young, as well as adult readers. Manga is found in book/comic book form. However, it’s gaining popularity on the web. The internet has given people the chance to share popular manga novels and create their own. This especially helped many people across the globe during the pandemic. KissManga is one of the more popular loophole websites. It not only allows people to scroll through several manga books and series but also to read them. To navigate through the content efficiently, the site even also has lists of “New & Hot” additions, “Recent Additions”, and “Most Popular” additions.

KissManga has a sister site called KissAnime. This KissAnime website provides its audience with almost every kind of anime. Together both websites have been satisfying fans and readers with the best quality Japanese literature and productions throughout their 8 years of existence. However, KissManga and KissAnime are NO MORE active content providers.

Problems With the Sites

KissManga and KissAnime were shut down on August 14, 2020. An official confirmation was sent out the day it was taken down. The statements were from the official support team on the KissAnime Discord. These were the statements:

Many users have been devastated by the recent turn of events. However, some have been discontented with KissManga’s quality and service for quite a while.


Ads and pop-ups were very agitating for users. Readers would often experience ads and pop-ups that would lead to very shady and insecure sites. Many fans have complained, but it’s led to nothing. Users would also experience glitches such as suddenly being sent to the home page while in the middle of reading.

Legal Complications

Japanese parliament joined together on June 5, 2020. They revised and added new copyright laws. Their goal was to prevent the illegal downloading of manga, anime, and other Japanese texts. Special instances and minor offenses would be spared from punishment. However, websites that profited from providing users with pirated content would be taken down. These laws will go into effect on October 1, 2020, and January 1, 2021.

Is KissManga Shut Down?

Due to the lack of quality on KissManga and pressure from the Japanese government, KissManga and KissAnime were taken down in mid-August 2020, and, unfortunately, aren’t coming back. There have been many attempts to access it, but none have been successful.

Best Official KissManga Alternatives in 2020

KissManga and KissAnime will be missed and mourned by all of their fans and users. With KissManga and KissAnime went, people have been frantically searching for a new site to rely on. This list will give you the TOP 3 sites for manga and anime.

Viz Media:

Viz Media was founded in July 1986 in San Francisco, California by Seiji Horibuchi, and has grown in popularity ever since. It is now one of the most famous and credible sites that sell manga and anime. Their website is organized and arranged in an engaging way. Viz has a wide collection of manga and anime content for people of all ages. What’s best about Viz is that it sells both digital and literary content. Users enjoy the fact that Viz sends printed copies and provides episodes from several anime series.

This popular site also creates a community by allowing users to send in photos of themselves where they’re posted on their website’s “Fan Zone” gallery. It has gotten (almost) nothing but great reviews about their content quality, website functionality, and accessibility. The already successful website is now in app form with currently 17,000 users and climbing. You can get it at the App Store for FREE!


Watch how BookWalker was started and how it grew: BookWalker is a manga-only site, similar to KissManga. What’s also similar is that BookWalker also has a sister site, Comicwalker, like KissManga with KissAnime. This is also a Japanese site, so you don’t have to worry about it being removed; the same with Comicwalker. Both sites also have Japanese content. What draws readers to this site is the number of new books that are uploaded every week and month.

So, if you’re running out of stuff to read, this is the place to go. You will never run out of manga at this site. They put newly added manga on the homepage, and they have a search bar to find your favorite manga. However, BookWalker is still a bit unorganized. The website is filled with ads. The content is also somewhat “cramped.” There have also been complaints about it freezing and being slow despite downloading the content. However, there’s a reason why BookWalker is 2nd on this list, and you should give it a try. It wouldn’t hurt.

Get the app at the App Store for FREE right now!


ComicWalker is the sister site of BookWalker. This site specializes in providing people with anime rather than manga. When you take a look at the site, it’s not that decorative. It’s kind of bland, but organized. This website is easy to navigate, and the content, both English and Japanese, is easy to access. The ComicWalker app has been available on PC and mobile devices since March 22, 2020, but I believe it’s only on mobile Android devices.

Best Non-Official KissManga Alternatives in 2020

This list provides you with non-official alternatives for KissManga and KissAnime. Some are even available in app form. By non-official, we mean sites that may or may not meet the same fate as KissManga and KissAnime. Not all of these websites are secure, and some can expose you to viruses and malware as KissManga did on its site. These are also websites that don’t pay the creators for the content and, instead, keep the money. The official websites pay the creators accordingly.

Make sure the creators get the income they deserve!

  • MangaDex*
  • Manga Reader
  • MangaPark
  • MangaFox
  • Webtoon
  • Manganelo
  • Manga Top
  • MangoPanda
  • MangaToday

*The bolded websites are also in app form

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