Top 7 Best Alternatives of KissAnime to watch Anime for Free

Anime’s popularity has been rapidly increasing. Many websites provide fans with manga and anime, because it’s lucrative. However, laws have been cracking down on sites like KissAnime.

What is KissAnime?

KissAnime Alternatives

Anime is a famous style of Japanese television and film.

It became popular in Japan in the 1980s, and was introduced to the U.S. in the 90s. Anime became especially popular with adults.

KissAnime was a famous piracy website. It allowed users to stream and download Japanese animations.

KissAnime was even described as: “One of the world’s biggest streaming anime websites.”

KissManga was the sister site for KissAnime. The sites were created in 2012. Soon, they became top picks for anime fans.

Unfortunately, both sites were removed from the internet after 8 successful years.

Now, people are desperately looking for alternatives to KissAnime.

Do you want to know where to watch your favorite anime shows?

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Why Was the Site Shut Down?

KissAnime and KissManga were taken down on August 14, 2020.

These messages were sent on the KissAnimeSupport Discord group chat that same day:

Many fans were devastated by the sudden news. A lot of users were also confused as to why KissAnime was removed.

Other fans have been dissatisfied with the site’s quality for years.

Here’s why KissAnime was shut down:

Annoying and Shady Pop-ups and Ads

It’s no surprise to any KissAnime fan how irritating the ads were.

Viewers complained about questionable pop-ups.

The redirects would lead to inappropriate sites. The ads would often contain malware and viruses.

There have been many mixed reviews about KissAnime’s safety.

Some would say that the redirects were unbearable. Others believed that constantly deleting all the pop-ups was tedious, but manageable.

There’s a more serious reason for KissAnime’s downfall.

Japanese Copyright Infringement Laws

Japanese parliament met on June 5, 2020. They met to make their copyright and piracy laws stricter.

The new laws are targeting illegal websites that let users stream and download pirated content.

It’s not just KissAnime and KissManga. Japan’s laws are cracking down on multiple other sites.

The new laws will go into effect on October 1, 2020 and June 1, 2021.

Top 7 Best Alternatives to KissAnime

Many fans are mourning the death of KissAnime. They’re now looking for alternatives to KissAnime.

Viewers are searching for alternatives to KissAnime. Sites with the same great content, but with none of the shady pop-ups.

Here is a list of the best alternatives to KissAnime:


1. Crunchyroll:

Crunchyroll is the top choice of all the alternatives to KissAnime.

This site is famous among diehard anime fans. Therefore, anime newbies might be better off choosing another site.

Crunchyroll has over 800 shows and climbing.

The website is cramped and has ads, but it’s surprisingly organized.

It has a column on the right of shows coming soon. Crunchyroll even has an ad on the site that leads to their online store.

You can purchase action figures, T-shirts, hats, mugs, and many other products, most under $40.

Crunchyroll even has a newsletter you can subscribe to. All you have to do is join their mailing list.

That’s why Crunchyroll is #1 out of all the alternatives to KissAnime.

It costs a reasonable price of $7.99/month with a 14-day free trial.

It’s all also in app form.


2. 9Anime:

9Anime is most famous for its smooth, glossy design, similar to KissAnime, and it plays high quality Japanese film.

This site even has a feature where the site provides a schedule of upcoming movies and episodes.

The site is very organized, and all anime series and movies are arranged into different categories. The site provides users with a wide variety of genres such as drama, magic, action, sports, and so much more.

Users who are registered are even get to fill in requests for anime and other suggestions.

The site is kind of cramped with ads, but orderly.

Overall, 9Anime is one of the best alternatives to KissAnime.


3. GoGoAnime:

GoGoAnime was created in the year of 2014, and has been very popular ever since within the anime community. It is little bit similar to kissanime.

Dozens of series and movies are right on the front page.

There are minimal ads, pop-ups, and redirects.

GoGoAnime also has many genres such as adventure, comedy, sci-fi, mystery, horror, and romance.

Sometimes certain features and buttons would send you to random sites.

However, GoGoAnime is very successful and one of the top alternatives to KissAnime.


4. Funimation:

The layout of Funimation is professional and neat. Funimation is an alternative and similar to KissAnime.

It allows you to stream and download some of the best titles in anime.

You can also purchase gear and products from those famous titles.

Their menu even has a schedule of their upcoming releases.

Funimation has a variety of categories such as: recommended Japanese animations, trending shows, games, and even a blog.

The Funimation Basic plan costs $5.99/month, or $59.99/year. The Premium plan costs $7.99/month.

It’s also in app form.


5. AnimeDao:

When considering alternatives to KissAnime, AnimeDao should definitely on the list.

AnimeDao is very well-ordered. Therefore, the site is very simple and easy to navigate.

It’s organizes all of their anime into 4 tabs: List, Popular, Genre, and Movies.

Each tab has its own categories, too.

AnimeDao even has some anime in Japanese, but most is in English.

The site provides famous titles for its users as well such as:

One Piece, My Hero Academia, Naruto Shippuden, Attack on Titan, and so many more.

Overall, AnimeDao is a solid choice when choosing alternatives to KissAnime.

6. AnimeLab:

AnimeLab was launched by the Madman Entertainment on May 28, 2014.

When you visit the site, you notice its appealing and smooth design.

The site contains 50 anime series and 700 episodes including many famous shows such as Naruto Shippuden, My Hero Academia, and Fruits Basket.

All anime content is categorized into a multitude of genres.

It includes more specific, unique genres like kids, offbeat, mecha, bishoujo, bishonen, fantasy, harem, reverse harem, and so many more.

When I tried signing up, there was an error, though. It said: “AnimeLab hasn’t launched in your part of the world yet.”

The subscription costs $6.95/month, or $69.50/year. The best official alternative of KissAnime : The AnimeLab.


7. Hulu:

Many of you already know Hulu, but you might now have known about Hulu’s large collection of anime.

The famous site is low on the list because people aren’t really aware of its collection.

But Hulu should be seriously considered when choosing one of the alternatives to KissAnime.

Hulu is especially recommended for people who are beginners in watching anime.

Hulu has many famous anime series in anime such as Kakegurui, One Piece, My Hero Academia, One-Punch Man, and so many more.

And, of course, Hulu already provides subscribers with tons of other shows.

If you don’t already have an account, The Hulu Basic plan costs $5.99/month. In addition, Hulu Premium costs $11.99/month.

You wouldn’t have to pay for another subscription if you already have a Hulu subscription, and it’s also (of course) in app form. It is also an alternative of KissAnime, you can find your anime stuff there too like kissanime.


Unofficial Alternatives to KissAnime

These unofficial alternatives for KissAnime are sites that didn’t have the best reviews, however, they’re still good choices for anime content.

  • Anime Twist
  • Chia-Anime
  • Anime Freak
  • (In app form) Anime TV
  • Anime Planet

So above were some unofficial alternatives of kissanime, you can visit there too in order to find your snime stuff and information.

You’ll enjoy this article about the List of Best KissManga Alternatives.

If you don’t agree with the lists above, leave a comment below!

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