AMD Obtain US License To Continue Business With Huawei

AMD becomes the first to obtain a Huawei license in the US. They are the largest in the processor market in the US after Intel. They provide the best range of processor and become successful in a few days for the price and quality,

Recently the American government banned Chinese products. And Huawei is one of the best and quality products in China. They have business all over the world and quite popular for their cost-effective range of smartphones.

The Major Supplier Of Huawei

AMD is their major processor supplier and it would be a great matter of concern if they stopped supplying. AMD also doing great business from Huawei company of China. Thus they went all the way to obtain a license from the US government and get a Huawei license in the US.

They are the first to take such a step to keep growing their business. US government is quite strict over the ban of Chinese manufacturing giant Huawei. They almost stop all the way to let Huawei business in the US and also made sure that Huawei doesn’t have any further connection in the US market.

Vice President of AMD Confirmed Obtaining Huawei license in the US

In such a situation AMD’s announcement of owning a Huawei license in the US to serve Huawei is quite shocking. But Senior Vice President of AMD, Forrest Norrod confirmed the same. He is a conference announcing the news and said that the ban on Huawei by the US government own impact their business and they would keep supplying to the Chinese company.


AMD in Huawei notebooks

Narrow also assured that their business won’t compromise US government rules and regulations and they will take care of all the associations relating to the business. He further added that they are completely committed to the US government and will take every potential for the same.

Companies To Stop Business With Chinese Giants

Reportedly the ban imposed by the US government from 15th September. The Government bans other Chinese products also. While companies like Samsung, MediaTek, Sony, and others are ready to stop business with the Chinese companies AMD’s decision to obtain a Huawei license in the US is quite shocking.

Anyway, AMD now will continue supply and is a relief for Huawei.

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