40th Anniversary Of Star Wars: Harkins Celebrates The Glorious 40 Years Of Star Wars

Harkins Celebrate 40th Anniversary Of Star Wars

Harkins is one of the oldest and greatest theatres of all time. The theatre has a colorful history and is a big name still to all the theatre chain. They are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars in the most unique way. Harkins will show Star Wars on their screen to celebrate the same.

Time passes quickly in the case of Star Wars. And it is mesmerizing to think that the amazing franchise just completed it’s 40 years in the industry. There is hardly anyone who does not know about Star Wars or loved the show.

Harkins, One Of The Pioneers In USA

Harkins in memory of those amazing 40 years decided to revive the time and show it from Friday, September 25. They start selling tickets for $5 and are available online as well. Harkins is one of the pioneers of American theaters and has a glorious journey throughout.

It was quite natural to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars seeing the amazing journey of so many years. It’s not common for one franchise to run successfully for such a long time. But Star Wars by all its amazing performances won the heart of the viewer for decades and carries an immense fan following.

Star Wars 2nd Installment To Hit The Screen

Harkins on the 40th anniversary of Star Wars will show the second installment of the Star Wars trilogy. One can easily buy the tickets from Harkins’s official website. It is a great opportunity for Star Wars fans to revive the time 40 years back and have an amazing experience of Star Wars earlier days.

Star Wars
40 years of Star Wars

Anyone living in the Tucson area can have the chance of booking tickets fro their friends and family and enjoy the shows from 25th September. Tickets are selling heavily and anytime will run out. So Star Wars fans should not wait longer and immediately book their tickets in Harkins Theatre.

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