End Of An Era: Lee Kerslake dies at 73 On Sunday Morning

The popular drummer who serves for multiple band Lee Kerslake dies at 73 earlier this morning. He was the finest drummer of the time and recognized immensely for his great performance. Lee Kerslake diagnosed with prostate cancer and early this morning he lost the battle for life.

Former Uriah Heep keyboardist Ken Hensley on his Facebook fan page confirmed the news with a heavy heart. He left a small note in memory of great Uriah Heep and Ozzy Osbourne drummer Lee Kerslake. In his note the former guitarist sade that Lee Kerslake died this morning at 3.30 am and he died peacefully. Also, he is the best in the field and will be missed terribly.

Lee Kerslake started his journey as a professional drummer with Uriah Heep in the year of 1971 and gave his best shot by recording 17 albums with the band. Later in1980 he played for Ozzy Osbourne and managed to get a huge fan following by that. That was Ozzy Osbourne’s first solo records and it was the best collaboration of all the time with bests.

Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman was two solos by Ozzy Osbourne and Lee Kerslake which helped both the artist to gain huge popularity and end up with the peak of success. Live EP and Tribute released in 1987 were was the great collaboration of both and got a huge response from fans.

Lee Kerslake
Lee Kerslake, the best drummer of all time

The best drummer of all the time Lee Kerslake born on April 16, 1947, in Dorset and started to plat drum at the tender age of 11. He was very much passionate about playing drums and love to play so. May be his great passion for this made him this successful and raise towards the hight of success.

The former drummer retired from the field in the year 2007 due to health issues and later diagnosed with cancer. Lee Kerslake dies at 73 and his last wish was to receive a platinum certificate for Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman, as a recognization of his work. Osbourne immediate response to his wish and gave him the certificates.

After a great and successful career, Lee Kerslake dies at 73, who was not only a great artist but a powerful personality with all honesty and generosity. He served honestly all his career and we are missed forever. We just lost the finest drummer and a great human being. RIP Lee Kerslake.

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