Mulan: A Powerful Action Packed, Hits The Small Screen On Disney Plus

Mulan hits the screen

The most loving action hits on Disney plus yesterday. Mulan is an action movie from the original animated Mulan film back from 1998. Most awaited movie one must say of 2020. The Hollywood premiere released many days back but delayed due to COVID.


The story is based on a Chinese folk story The Ballad Of Mulan. Mulan is a woman warrior who fights like a man to save her father from aligning army. Director Niki Caro gave it a full-pledged action plot and take it to the next level of action based performance.

Cinematography and leads

Not only the action scenes the cinematography of Mulan is way more advanced and eye-soothing. Some of the shoots of the film were eye-catching and beautiful.

Apart from the beautiful plot and perfect cinematography, the performance of every cast is wonderful. Where Yifei Liu the lead who played the character of Mulan owns the audience with her flawless performance.

Villain Bori Khan played by Jason Scot Lee has an epic impact on the audience. His amazing transformation for the movie is appreciable. Director Niki kept no stone underneath to give the viewer a powerful action-packed performance.

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Experience of cast

Jason Lee who is in his fifty shared his experience while shooting. He said, “I said, ‘Holy cow! You know I’m in my 50s.’ But he said age doesn’t matter. We shook hands. Deal. That was the end of the old me. Then I was tortured to death every day, I was walking crooked for months.”

Yifei Liu as Mulan

His statement shows the hard work of the cast which has paid off. The movie is getting an amazing response and love. Some are saying it the movie is a big-screen release and releasing Mulan on a small screen is quite unjustified.


Keeping all the new development director did not forget to give the movie the old essence. The songs and original poem played in the just complete the movie and give the best shot of it.

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