Sims 4 Star Wars Expansion With Disney Theme Park to Release Soon

Sims 4 Star Expansion

Sims 4 Star Wars Expansion is a hot topic out for all the gamers. The speculations on new updates were in the air for quite a time. Finally, the Star wars released it earlier this week.

The amazing core game released on 3rd September with new specifications and engagement. Ther new expansion is loaded with new characters and new challenges in the Disney park themed version of the game.

The New Version And New Rewards

The Sims 4 star wars expansion is going to come up with several new star wars location which includes Oga’s Cantina. The Slim 4 Star Expansion will allow you to meet up with other NPC’s from the resistance. Moreover in the new version players can travel with a lightsaber and build a droid in the course.

Players now can hook to any new alignment of their choice for a better journey. Many new rewards and challenges introduced in the way to unlock several levels.

In a post, EA revealed on the game plotting that  “As Sims take on new challenges and critical missions, they’ll increase their reputation and unlock new rewards like starfighter access, new clothing, artifacts, and equipment, and eventually meet the leaders of the forces on Batuu.”

More Exciting Features

The new version is built with all exciting new features to make the game more enjoyable and excited. In this, you can use your lightsaber to fight and bring the droids around you while fighting.

Star wars expansion
Slim 4 Get to Work

This amazing hangout to Batuu is going to be fun and you can choose the plot of your choice and build your own empire during the journey.

Get Set and Go For Sims 4 star wars expansion

Get the expansion now and pack for a new exciting journey to Batuu with all new amazing star wars rewards, equipment, and tools. Journey to Batuu is now available for Mac, Xbox1, and Playstation 4 with a cost of $19.99 or 39.99 for the bundle of Sims 4 game.

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