Litka Mofur is a girl from the race of Wolf Fang. She has an eye color that is rose-pink while the hair color is green. Litka’s main class is Druid, while her subclass is Collector. She was also trapped in the Elder Tale alongside her sister Lelia. She soon joined the Log Horizon.

Shiroe formed this guild along with his friends, Akatsuki, Naotsugu, and Nyanta, and others. Litka and her sister Lelia joined them. The friends established it in Akiba after the Catastrophe had occurred. Shiroe and his friends had the primary goal of destroying the evil guild Hamelin. After they had achieved that feat, the next quest was to re-establish peace and order to Akiba.

The Catastrophe

The Japanese kept their promise by releasing the game’s twelfth expansion pack titled, Homesteading the Noosphere. Just as they released it on May 3, 2018, something strange occurred. Every player who was logged into the Elder Tale at that moment became trapped inside the game. Accordingly, more than 30,000 Japanese players had logged into the Yamato at that moment including Litka.

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The Catastrophe went beyond Japan and affected other players too. Worldwide, over a hundred thousand players found themselves trapped too. They soon saw themselves in the fantasy world of the Elder Tale. People refer to this event by various names. These names include the Catastrophe, the May Incident, the Third World Fraction, the Apocalypse, the Revolution, and the Eclipse.

Aside from these players, Travelers were also transported into the Elder Tale world. Unlike the players, the Travelers actually involved themselves purposely in the event. Thus Litka found that she and her sister were trapped too.


Druid usually stands behind the back of the attackers, holding a wooden staff. The Druids have three main builds and they are:

  • Witch Doctor– This build focuses on Pulse Recovery spells. Pulse Recovery spells heal over time. Litka can cast support spells while hanging in the rear. They don’t head the attack but only cast their spells when they are safe from enemy attacks. Thus, their main duty is to protect the attack Classes from the rear during battles. Druids also have the capacity to employ instant healing spells in other to aid their party’s HP. Some of their very effective spells include Heal and Healing Wind. Note that since the Druid class focuses on healing, recovery, and support, they usually have a very low attack force or power.
  • Shaman– Druids are basically a Recovery class and not an attack class. However, even as Shamans, they possess some rather powerful attack spells such as Wind, Icicle Ripper, Lightning Fall, and Hail. Litka can also perform some deadly attacks but there is a limit to how far she can go.
  • Absorber– This is a melee-based MP recovery build.

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