Louise Redknapp affected by former partner’s relationship

Louise Redknapp is facing difficult time over her former partner, Jamie Redknapp's relationship. The singer is trying to keep her mind off it

The British singer, songwriter and a face of the media, Louise Redknapp ‘s former partner’s relationship is bothering her

Louise Redknapp
Louise and Jamie Redknapp together.

The famous personality Louis Redknapp is uncomfortable with her ex-husband, Jamie Redknapp. To be particular, Louise is uncomfortable with Jamie’s relationship. Her friends told the media that Louise always knew about the relation of her Husband. However, watching the pictures of the two together over social media is not easy for her. Jamie is currently dating model, Frida Andersson-Lourie. Moreover, the ex-couple has two children together. The couple is parents to Charles and Beau who are 16 and 11 years old respectively.

Coping Up

This phase is not easy for Louise. But her friends are supporting her and are helping her to be okay with the situation. Also, someone from the inner circle of the ex-couple informed a magazine,

“It’s been hard because she knew about it for a while – a lot of people did – but even if you know, when you see photographic evidence it can be tough. It kind of knocked her sideways.”

The person added,

“They were one of the most famous and solid relationships on the showbiz circuit. At the time she felt like she’d lost her identity and her way a bit. That can happen in a marriage – especially when they’re both well known. They found it really hard to admit the marriage was over.”


Louise at present is having a difficult time. Her friends say, she is comparing herself to Jamie’s new girlfriend. Apparently, she does not want to do so but she cannot help it. Hence, to keep her mind away at ease, the singer is trying to engage herself. She is spending a lot of time with her sons and is also writing an autobiography.

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