Lucifer Season 5, Success or Flop?

After the emotional climax and ending of season four of Lucifer Netflix was faced with a choice. Either leave the series as it stood or attempt a fifth season.

Netflix recently announced that the popular show Lucifer, which has finished its fourth season, has been renewed for Lucifer season 5. The character and story adaptation from the DC comics have been interesting and popular since the first episode aired. Given how the fourth season ended the fifth season at least the first few episodes will be challenging to write and will either be a great success or flop.

Origins of the show

The origins of the TV show Lucifer come from the DC comic book series Sandman and later the spinoff series entitled Lucifer. The comic book series creators used the idea of the devil giving up the rulership of hell out of boredom to open up a piano bar in Los Angeles. The TV series uses the same premise and to an extent follows the storyline. Over the course of several seasons Lucifer becomes more what a person would think a hero is, though not quite.

Season Four Climax

The urban fantasy /Comedy TV series Lucifer follows his adventures on earth as a consultant for the LAPD/nightclub owner. He works with detective Chloe Decker and other characters to solve cases and deal with supernatural threats. The final episode of season four saw a climatic and emotional end to the season.

In which Lucifer, Chloe, and other characters attempt in the final part of the episode to rescue a friend. Who has been kidnapped by Lucifer’s rebelling subjects in hell. They manage to save the their friend and Lucifer admits his feelings for Chloe.

However, this rebellion forces Lucifer to understand that if he does not keep his demons under control. They will destroy everything he has come to care for. So, he decides to give up everything he has come to love and return to his dark throne.

The Fifth Season

After the emotional climax and ending of season four of Lucifer Netflix was faced with a choice. Either leave the series as it stood or attempt a fifth season. On June 6, 2019 it became clear which they had decided with the announced their decision to go forward with the fifth season.

At the same time, they also announce that this would be the final season for the series. In several interviews stated that the reason they announced this was the final season. To give the loyal and passionate fans enough time to accept and process this news.

Though rumors persist that all the main cast have signed up for a potential six season. This is not yet been confirmed and may just the wishful thinking.

The decision to launch a fifth season could either be a good or bad. After the series ended on such a conclusive finale for season four attempting to add a follow-on storyline may be challenging. The last season of the series enjoyed high reviews and critical acclaim earned for the story and for the performance of the actors.

While the show is good at surpass expectations for each previous season the fifth will be even more demand. The writers will have to top of very powerful and conclusive ending from the previous season with a storyline that fits those events.

The Basic storyline revealing the confusion

The writers will also have to create a story line that meets fans expectations for a potential final conclusion for the series. This is also important for any potential attempt to restart the series after the fifth season. If it doesn’t do well then it won’t be possible.

An example of a series that faced the same conundrum was Babylon 5. The series was well liked and critically acclaimed. Season four ended on a very emotional final episode that finished the story perfectly. Then an attempt of making Lucifer season 5 was made. It did not live up to fan expectations, having lost the power and emotion of the fourth season.

The result was that even though it ended with a powerful and emotional final scene it led to a loss of interest franchise which never recovered. The opposite could also be true if the series is well written such as with Stargate SG-1. Once again, the series was critically acclaimed and ended its eighth season on a conclusive and powerful note.

The series was renewed for its ninth season, the very first episode not only managed to capture the energy and emotion from the previous seasons. But through a new storyline became even more powerful and emotional. As a result, not only did the series continue for several seasons but also was able to spawn several spinoff series.

The Hype is Real

Until the first episodes of Lucifer Season 5 air it’s impossible to tell which direction the series will go. It will depend on how well the new story is written. If the actors are able to continue putting forth the same skill and emotion into the characters. If these two criteria are met then the final season will probably exceed all expectations and if not, it could doom the whole series to fall into the shadows.

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