Breathe Season 2 on Amazon Prime India

Breathe 2: Returning to Amazon Prime India in 2020, crime drama-thriller series Breathe has us asking, is it okay to break the law for something you think is right?

Breathe 2 is the second chapter of the popular web series Breathe. So far, no release date has been confirmed.

But fans can hardly breathe in anticipation.

About the Series

Breathe 1 follows the story of Amit Sadh as Inspector Kabir Sawant as he investigates the murders of organ donors in Mumbai. Eventually, he traces the murders to Danny (R. Madhavan), whose ailing young son desperately needs an organ transplant.

The first four episodes of Breathe 1 aired exclusively on Amazon Prime India on 26 January 2018. Four more episodes followed until Episode 8 aired on 23 February 2018.

Since then, Amazon Prime India released an official teaser video for 14 new series premieres on 19 January 2019, including big players Inside Edge 2, Forgotten Army, Bandish Bandits, and The Family Man.

Sadly these may all experience delays, as the teaser was released prior to the slowing of Indian media releases due to COVID-19.

It was confirmed the Breathe crew has wrapped up shooting on site. Rumors have it that if all goes well, season 2 may hit some time in June 2020.

So, here we are, waiting on a date, and we can expect possible delays due to the effects of COVID-19.

Why to Watch

breath season 2
Breathe 2 – Breathe Season 2

Since its release on Amazon Prime India in January 2018, Breathe has climbed its way into viewers’ hearts with ease. Available in both Hindi and Tamil, the series is rated 8.4/10 stars on IMDb, the Internet movie database.

Breathe 1 tackled difficult themes of single-parenting, fatherhood, and the crazy things we do out of love. The show makes us gasp, sigh, and wills us to ask questions that dig into our own morals and family drama.

Fans may find themselves caught up in agreeing with the characters’ actions, while feeling grateful they’ll never have to find themselves in such a battle with the law.

With writer/director Mayank Sharma and Abundantia Entertainment back on board for a second season, the show will definitely explore more bold and heart wrenching scenes.

While we’re stuck in lockdown, we may need something to transport us to a different world. A world where high stakes can flip the switch on good and evil.

Maybe Breathe won’t make us feel like the world is a great place, but it forces us to explore how we’ve been taught to do the right thing, and how we make that judgment in the first place.

And, whether it’s a single father or a psychopath, everyone is flawed, and Breathe gives us a window into those flawed minds.

If that weren’t enough to convince you, a new star-studded cast will bring a different light to the series that already has a huge following.

What to Expect?

While Amazon did not disclose much, Breathe 2 welcomes Abhishek Bachchan in the main role in his exciting digital debut. Word is that Junior Bachchan’s twisted character will be a play on the Ramayana’s 10 heads of Ravana.

It seems that like the brooding Danny of season 1, Bachchan’s character will continue the show’s theme of single-fatherhood, with talk of a psychopath with dual personalities.

Coasting on high praise for his performance in season 1, Amit Sadh will reprise his role as Inspector Sawant in Breathe 2.

But, fans may be disappointed to know R. Madhavan will not return to Breathe this season. Sources say actresses Nithya Menen and Saiyami Kher will join as well.

With eight episodes released in the first season, roughly the same number of episodes is expected. Will the same four episodes be released initially, with others trickling in as the series blows up? We can only hope so.

How to Watch

If you’re not sailing on the Amazon wave yet, you best do so! What better time to subscribe to services to glue oneself to the couch than during a global pandemic?

Both seasons of Breathe will only be available on video streaming service Amazon Prime Video. A paid subscription and reliable Internet connection are needed to access Amazon Prime Video online.

Amazon Prime has been available in India since July 2016. Amazon offers a 30-day free trial of its Prime membership, after which users must subscribe and pay regular fees, or cancel altogether.

For Rs. 129 per month, or an annual fee of Rs. 999, Amazon Prime India offers expedited delivery on orders, Video, Kindle, and exclusive deals.

I’m sure we all wonder what is in store for Breathe 2. Will things weigh heavily on the psychothriller? Or will we see equal parts action and adventure?

While you wait for the official release of Breathe 2, might as well binge all of Season 1!

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