Megan fox Slams Ex Brian Austin Green for sharing photo of son on Instagram

Megan fox slams Brian for sharing Halloween photo of son on Instagram. Seems like Megan is not very fond of picture her Ex Brian Austin green is posted.

After Halloween or let’s just say any big event it has now become a ritual to post a picture on Instagram. Seems like Brian is no exception. Brian Austin green posted picture of himself dressed as yeti and his son like Spider-Man. All we saw was a most adorable photo of father and son duo. However Megan fox doesn’t seems to agree with this.

In an open comment Megan fox slams Brian quoting “why does journey has to be in this picture?”. It’s not to crop them out or choose photos they aren’t in it. Megan fox has also revealed that she was also present yesterday in Halloween celebrations with her children and had fun with them .

Megan fox slams Brian
Megan fox slams Brian

She continued saying that she knows her Ex Brian Austin Green love their kids. But she ask Ex Brian to stop using their kid as his Instagram feed. Sole reason that Megan fox slams Brian Austin Green seems like his posts narrate she is an absent mother. And he’s a only one doing parental duties. Because Megan doesn’t like to share her kids on Instagram.

As people on social media can be scary for celebrities it is better to take measures .seems like Megan fox is abiding by this rule. She doesn’t want her fans to judge her being absent mother as Megan fox and Brian Austin Green both are playing their parents role very well. Which is fair enough for both parties.

Although Brian Austin Green had taken Megan fox’s advice and cropped their son out of the photo. As social media is not always true it sometimes can be very deceptive. Fans should also understand this whole scenario and refrain themselves from being judgmental on the basis of one photo or video. Because there is a whole lot of story behind that.


Megan fox slams Brian Austin green for this post and not for the one he posted before is strange. she might be getting comments about not involving in parenting might be one of the major reason for her anger and to publicly.