Microsoft project xCloud will launch on September 15

Microsoft project xCloud, game streaming service, will launch on September 15 for Android devices only. Microsoft’s announcements regarding the states on August 8, 2020 was somewhat of a surprise. Microsoft xCloud was originally planned to be available for iOS devices as well. Additionally, the original launch date expects to be closer to the end of 2020. The reason for this was the need to complete iOS device testing. Specifically, Microsoft had announced that iOS testing was limited due to Apple’s app store policies. While Microsoft has not revealed the exact nature of the policies cleared are causing a delay. As a result, Microsoft is putting iOS testing on hold and of the launch date or xCloud.



Microsoft project xCloud

Microsoft project xCloud is a cloud gaining streaming service that will allow Xbox games played on mobile devices.  Basically, if you have a compatible android device the appropriate control interface you play any of 100 planed Xbox games. Microsoft has part several electronics including Razer, Nacon, 8BitDo, and others to create xCloud ready controllers and other accessories. In other words, it will create specialized controllers that based off promotional material will hold. In many respects appears to be a Microsoft version of Nintendo switch.

Until these custom controllers are variable the one existing Xbox controller or Sony’s DualShock 4 are compatible with Sony tool shop for xCloud. Microsoft hasn’t yet revealed full list of games that will be available on xCloud. However, the 36 that have been include such as Ark: Survival Evolved, Destiny 2, and Wasteland Remastered to name a few. Microsoft is bundling xCloud as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which will be available for a monthly subscription. Specifically, in order to have access bundle will have to pay about $15 a month. A pretty decent price to access some of Microsoft’s best Xbox games anywhere you can stream the internet.

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