Minecraft Team Finally Finishes “Minecraft Middle Earth”

After tons of time of hard work, a team in Minecraft has completed a gigantic project: building the Lord of the Rings world. This wonderful depiction of Middle-earth has been built step by step, or rather block by block, for years. The Minecraft community continues to amaze with the completion of amazing projects. A sever with ambition completed one of these not too long ago.

They came together to build the world from JRR Tolkien’s books, Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth. Block by block, the team continued this goal until it was eventually finished. If you’re familiar with the map at the beginning of the book, you can tell that this place is huge. All of the important bits of Middle Earth were recreated in this simple block game. Players that can enter the server can experience any location covered in the book. From Hobbiton to Moria, you can go anywhere the book covers in this world. Even structures like Minas Tirith are also featured.

Middle-Earth Celebrates it’s 10th Anniversary

Last month was the 10th anniversary of Middle-Earth. The founder of the server, Nicky Vermeersch, explained why they wanted to make a Middle-Earth from start to finish. Back when Vermeersch played Minecraft for the first time, it was 2009.

Why Make Such a Huge Minecraft World?

“I grew up with The Lord of the Rings, just like many people around the age of 30. There were people involved in the Minecraft forums, so we had a solid player base. We started building core locations, like Bree and Hobbiton. After sharing the screenshots, people started to join the project,” he said.

That being said, building an entire Middle-Earth was not easy. Back in 2009, there weren’t as many quality of life fixes as there are today. This old server is available to join and explore now that the great project has been completed.

You can find it here: Minecraft Middle Earth

Map creators were not yet implemented into the game. Additionally, vehicles weren’t available. If you wanted to built a mountain and a forest happened to be there, you had to take apart the forest and put the mountain there from scratch. Sounds a whole lot more tedious than it is now doesn’t it?

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