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Modded applications: additional features 

Modded applications are said to be as modified applications. ‘Mod’ means ‘Modified’. Modified applications are not the original applications which were developed originally by the app developer. Modified applications do have additional or extra features unlocked then the original application. we can take the example of gaming modded applications these applications provide more functions, features and even more support And many more modifications an add ONS including malware and spyware.
Foe of the modded applications-

Watsapp mod by foud

Foud watsapp gives you a lot of more features than your regular watsapp application. It isAn easy to use application which provides you features like you can specify your color for the main screen and also for the chart screen background. You can even hide your chats which will not appear on the main screen where though unread chats appear. You you can also hide your media from the Gallery.

GB instagram

These days Instagram is the most common and the most used platform of social media . The highest used application amongst the children today is Instagram. And as one always wants more features. GB instagram the modded version of instagram provides more features like You can download the images of your friends directly to your Gallery,We can copy the comments, mark any message from the conversation as this starred message just like wats app, We can’t even translate the comments two different languages and mark someone story as unseen.

YouTube vanced 

Nearly everybody uses the YouTube application. YouTube has introduced it’s premium Paid feature which will gives us extra features than the regular unpaid YouTube. YouTube vanced is a  modded YouTube version which provides some of the features which we can enjoy without for choosing the premium package of YouTube. some of the features are: It blocks all the ads and helps you too enjoy the uninterrupted streaming. Background playback feature is also divided by this modded app. And there are many other features like pinch to zoom, auto repeat, setting the speed and resolution etc.

Subway surfer modded

The gaming apps modes version provides a lot of unlocked stuff which generally needs to be purchased or earned in game. In the modded version of subway surfer we gets, unlimited coins and unlimited keys, All the characters and the skins are already unlocked and all the skateboards are already purchased. Many other features like ads are removed and your player can make higher jumps etc.

Pub G modded

Pub G is the most late game these days. and the modded version of pub G provides a lot of features then the original one.The modded pub G provide many features like wallhack, auto aiming, unlimited recoil, unlimited health etc.

Modded apps safe to use?

Actually, the original labs 100% safe to use but we should not totally rely on the modded apps. Unless there is official modded version of a particular app like in case of gaming apps have official modded versions and everybody have official access to download them.
The safety depends on the source you are using to download any app. If the source is known and trusted and many users are using it and is known in the applications community then, you can still reply on that source. But, if the app is coming from any unknown source you should not fully trust it. It might not be good for your mobile.
Just to be sure, you should scan any application you download with good anti-malware like malware bytes. You can even check it using multi-engine services like VirusTotal.

Advantages of mod apps

Advantages of using the modified applications are-
• They provide us more features than original application.
• They are easy to use.
• They are faster than the original apps.
• They are faster than the original apps.
• They gives us access even to those apps which are not available in our region.

Disadvantages of mod apps

Disadvantages of using the modified applications are-
• They are not official we can con totally trust them.
• Modified apps are not available on the play store as they are modified and play store only shows original apps.
• They can be banned anytime if they violate the terms and conditions of official apps.
• You might get virus enters into your device.
• You might have to get some other app to get the modded app.

Should I use Modded Apps for my personal account?

I don’t think one should use the modded applications using their personal accounts as it is not completely safe platform to use your personal account. As, extracting code and doing reverse engineering  from the original file and then changing and modifying the code is not absolutely safe. Though, it depends whether the developer who developed the modified app writes and malicious code which tracks your actions and personal data. So, it is advised not to use such applications with your personal account.

will i get ban if i use modded apps?

Using nodded gaming applications can ban your account. If you are playing online and you have some weirdly good features which are not available in original application and if the players notice they will definitely report your account. But, you won’t get banned for using modded versions of apps like WatsApp, Instagram etc. But the modded application can definitely be banned anytime if the violate terms and conditions of the original application
Eventually, I’d like to conclude by saying that original application are more authentic but still if one wants to enjoy more features in unpaid version they can use these modded apps. But, if you are downloading it from an “unknown source” you have to be careful and if is advised that do not use your personal account for such applications.

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