Modern day post-punk’s new prototype appears with Protomartyr

Modern day post-punk’s new prototype appears with Protomartyr newest album. The band’s newest album released July 17, 2020 provides a new take on this music genre. Protomartyr like all the modern-day post-punk has evolved a great deal since its founding 2008. Indeed, there early voice was a throwback to the original style of punk fueled more by passion than technique. Specifically, aggression and rebellious natures of the original genre. However, over the years since 2008 the band has grown and changed becoming the archetype of a new post-punk. Protomartyr is now the modern-day post-punk’s prototype, though they like every other band of this genre hate the label.


The sound

Modern day post-punk’s

Modern day post-punk bands cover a wide spectrum of music that doesn’t fit any other genre. That being said, they all share the same characteristics that connect them to the original punk genre. Indeed, original punk music is best described as raw sound with anger and passion. Not surprising, given that the genre originates from a time of great turmoil. Specifically, old-school punk music originates from the 1970s a time of war and fear. However, as time marched on so too has punk music. Specifically, in the post-punk genre which encompasses many forms of music that all share an unfinished nature.

That being said, in recent years new bands like Protomartyr have emerged that preserve the roots. However, they combine those classic elements of old-school punk with a clear and defined sound balanced with nearly poetic lyrics. Protomartyr is without doubt the first band of modern day post-punk’s new prototype but it’s not the only one. The changes they have made to the evolution of their style have inspired other post punk bands who now emulate them. Indeed, a new genre of post punk appears to be rising across the world.

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