Moral motivational courses in education curriculum- A dilemma


2020 outbreak negative effects on mental health

Moral motivational courses: Nowadays, amid the coronavirus outbreak, the most common problem occurred in students is related to negative thoughts. As people locked down in their respective houses face lots of issues regarding their mental state of mind. Adult people find it harder to cope up with the lockdown with positivity. This can be well viewed by a recent incident including the unfortunate demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. This shows that it’s even more difficult for children to stay positive and active.

Main causes about the stress in children

Teenagers while going through their puberty faces immense problems in dealing with the stress, anxiety and irritation. Students often wonder about the uncertainty about their future amid this lockdown. This makes them feel more stressed and because of which they communicate less.

Kids often overthink about the judgemental society they live in. Every test they go through in life is attached with immense fear of judgement of “what will people think?” Respect in the world is what makes a human happy and contended. This statement often stresses students about their respect and future in the world. Since childhood, a kid is been taught that good grades lead to immense pleasure and happiness. Failures are not talked upon in the family. Various cases about 12th as well as 10th standard students demise via suicide because of mental pressure are being viewed.


“Boards” are so hyped that they create so much of exam pressure upon the students. Sometimes, panic attacks are the most common phenomenon observed before the exam in students. Similarly, competitive exams are also one of the common reasons responsible for creating immense pressure on students. Competitive exams decide the future of children. While on the other hand, this lockdown has made those precious exams on hold. This increases uncertainty probability.

Normally it’s been advised that students should study and utilize this time fruitfully for their better future. Hence, this probability that almost every student applying for any competitive exams in this world is giving his/her best stresses the other students to a level beyond imagination. Competitiveness is all that is required for improvement. But when the dose of competitiveness increases. It can lead to unwanted circumstances. In 2020, the lockdown has made students undergo with uncertainty not only about their academical opportunity but there also exists uncertainty in the competitiveness as one child cannot expect and anticipate the other child’s hard work. Uncertainty stands as the major reason for a child to overthink and get stressed to an unbearable level.


Motivational courses- An aid for better mental health

According to science there always exist two forces in the universe. One is the negative one the other is the positive one. People need to always focus on the positive one. If a child feels even a little bit of negativity and is upset by his thoughts then he should remember that there always is a way to deal with any issues. The knowledge and steps to fight through the negative phase are what our youth needs to reach greater heights. The dilemma about including moral motivational subjects in the education curriculum should never be confused.

Students need knowledge about dealing about very common issues like overthinking which leads to a lot of stress and tension. Schools, as well as colleges, can opt for motivational courses teaching meditation as well as methods to attain mental calmness.

Motivational courses details as well as the importance

These motivational subjects are not only necessary for the students under 12th standards but also should be mandatory for college-going students. The youth studying in colleges often takes the existing programmes about moral values lightly and often find itself confident about having complete knowledge about mental health morals. But the opposite is seen from the suicidal cases report which shows that number of suicides are maximum in the age group of 17 to 23 years. This depicts the need for education in motivational courses for schools as well as colleges.


Students in the adult years do not only face stress regarding their future in the corporate world but also faces issues in their emotional domain. Emotional sensitive students often undergo stress regarding their personality issues or incidents involving fights with close ones. All the domains of mental health like emotional issues, social issues, peer pressure issues etc should be taken under the moral motivational classes. The course should provide methods for students to remain calm in any of the difficult situations. Knowledge about the importance of a living will be focussed on in the course.

Subjects may include classes on telling students to always find a solution for their problem rather than escaping them. Escape is easier but is scarier that trying. Ending your life is never a feasible option for any of the problem will be taught to students so that they recognize the importance of life.

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