E-learning isn’t a sustainable solution.


E-Learning is a process of teaching someone through the internet. This includes technology to help. We have advanced in technology. For instance, we can learn anything from YouTube. We need a smartphone for that. In addition to this smartphone has become an essential part of our life. E-Learning stands for electronic learning. Surely, it means learning through electronic. The modes of learning are no less. 


Difficult Adaption for E-learning

Students can learn from the internet anytime and anywhere. Therefore, whatever they want to know. Internet is always helping to solve their queries with relevant answers. Search engines like Google and social media are a great source of information. Perhaps, adopting this medium for schooling is still a big challenge for India.

Permanent issues are:

  1. Poor Connectivity

The country is struggling somewhere in connectivity issues. Especially, the remote areas have poor internet connectivity. The reach is not widely covered. The learning process gets a pause. So, E-learning is a tough task.

2. Non- Affordable Gadgets

Undoubtedly, India is a developing country. The country includes every level of the person. A rich as well as poor found here. Everyone can’t afford a smartphone to their children. For instance, if a person buys a smartphone to his kid. Then, he needs to do more expenses like pay for internet, accesses it etc. This is very difficult for low earners.

3. Traditional Thoughts

Moreover, some of the people in India belongs to the old generation. They don’t have enough knowledge about E-learning. So, they just put a question on this system. Therefore, they find traditional more suitable rather than learning on screen. They feel children are getting into bad habits.


Covid-19 Education Crisis in India

As we all know about Covid-19 outbreak. Months have passed still lockdown is uplifted across nationwide. Schools are closed from March. Online classes were the only solution left for schools. WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype helped in continuation of learning. Suddenly, the market rate of gadgets has raised. Every house has a child studying. They need a phone, laptop, webcam, internet, microphone and other devices.

Parents are getting annoyed. Not only this they are taking leave from work. To keep on their children. They are worried whether their child is studying or not. They are worried about the period a child sitting in front of the screen. Further, children are not enjoying E-learning. The teachers are not clearing their doubts. They promise to clear them in the classroom. All the students are giving the test, receiving assignments and writing notes through online mode. Virtual communication is not working well. As the lack of interaction between a student and teacher creating a mess.

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