Mother’s Day Flowers

As Mother’s Day approaches it appears that it will be a very unusual and challenging one. Many families that traditionally gather together to celebrate the mothers in them may not be able this year. Yet among the growing concerns and challenges. It is still possible to be close to your mother even when separated by thousands of miles.

Cultural significance of Mother’s day :

Though Mother’s Day has been celebrated in one form or another by cultures throughout history. The modern incarnation started in the United States in the early 20th century. The founder Anna Jarvis wanted to create a day where all mothers were honored. She believed mothers have done more for a person than anyone else in a lifetime. Originally rejected by the Congress as a recognized holiday after several years the United States recognized holiday as a national holiday. Which is celebrated on the second Sunday of May each year. The history of the day also has a sad note, by the 1920s the founder had grown so infuriated by the commercialization of the holiday that she tried to have it ended. Unfortunately, as is the case with so many things once it is started it is hard to stop.

Ways to celebrate :

It is true the holiday is over commercialized. It is still an excellent time to celebrate one of the most important women in a person’s life. Though circumstances this year prevent many people from presenting the gifts in person. It is still possible to send flowers, chocolates, and cards. Also due to modern technology it is still very possible to connect with. And spend some precious moments video chatting or just speaking on the phone with your mother. It can even be an amusing anecdote, as you try to get everything set up to video chat. Gathering your thoughts and your kids together in front of the camera. While talking your mother through how to set up the system over the phone, or the reverse is also possible.

The tradition of Mother’s Day has a long and storied past and appears to have a long future ahead. Whether you view it as an opportunity to buy into the capitalization of it . View it as an opportunity to honor mothers and motherhood. Though this year appears have many challenges there are ways to overcome them . To show all the love and appreciation you have for your mother no matter where she is.

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