Let the Romance begin!

No matter how much of a hardcore realist we may be, when it comes to movies, everyone enjoys a little romance. Through the ages the portrayal of romance has changed, and quite many films adopt different means to portray romance and happy endings. So here are the top 7 most romantic movies that spill all happiness and the feeling of love within anyone who sees them:

  1. Dirty Dancing: this blockbuster starring Patrick Swayze as Johnny Castle, a dance instructor and Jennifer Grey as Frances ‘baby’ Houseman, a girl attending the resort Catskills is a hot steamy production that showcases that love can come through dance no matter the class.
  2. Casablanca: an American romantic film starring Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine and Ingrid Bergman Ilsa Lund showcasing the renewal of love between former lovers. Needless to say, Rick is the handsome nightclub owner just like every girl wants.
  3. Notting Hill: an amazing romantic comedy between the evergreen Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. This eyedropper portrays every bit of a female fantasy and makes you wish you had Hugh Grant as your lover!
  4. Ghost: as contradicting as it may sound, this thrilling piece of works casts Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in a psychological twist to love where Sam is killed by a thug and to warn Molly of danger to her life, he takes up the medium of a psychic to help her! And let’s not forget the dreamy scene with the pottery clay! *drools*
  5. The Proposal: ah! How one wishes to date their boss. No? Well, this romcom starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock is everything you need on a Sunday night with lots of popcorns that’s going to make you crave to move to Alaska with your accidental fiancé… oops. Boss.
  6. Pretty Woman: just as the name suggests, the gorgeous Julia Roberts starring next to Richard Gere is a stunning performance that would probably make you hope that you end up in Hollywood Boulevard and that and Edward would pick you up and take you away, plus the bonus! This is one movie so evergreen that one can never get bored even if watched daily. Julia Roberts seems to get prettier each time one watches this!
  7. Burlesque: this happens to be an autobiographical movie based on the sensational singer Christina Aguilera. The movie’s cast includes the singer Cher as Tess and Cam Gigandet as Jack who plays the romantic lead alongside Christina. It is truly a great piece of work and is extremely underrated.

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