Society is an environment where a person learns to interact, communicate, and establish basic human relations. The social norms have been changing from centuries and exist even today. The set of rules and regulations are decided by a bunch of people living in the society to maintain their living standards.

Often this social culture impacts negatively on the minds of teenagers, where they want to consider the mutual feeling involved with the society. Society refuses to accept any new change which may be beneficial to grow minds, this leads to people discovering social life outside their esteemed social culture. It is a set of different people from various societies interacting together. Merging of several socials cultures tends to make various differences as the people adapt to a certain social life.

It can be considered a boon as well as a bane!

Society can be tough on people who are different, have different ideas, or practice different activities. Hence resulting in losing a person’s character and confidence. This leads one’s self to adapt to a certain social life can be difficult and many a time destructive. While these days this has become essential and a part of a culture that denotes the mark of life.

One has to follow the path that he chooses as well as the social life he chooses. A person can either be an introvert or an extrovert? Neither of the choices gives satisfaction as it is human nature to be able to achieve everything. While social life has become a trend these days in order stay at the top of the hierarchy , acceptance is what creates a society and acceptance leads people into the direction of bane. Approval of society impacts a lot in human life but society is harsh and will only accept someone who thrives to continue the norms of traditions.

Hence, social life has turned into a myth that has been misleading several people into acceptance. It has created a mirage that in order to survive a person needs to follow social life!

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