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Queen is an Indian historical drama web television series aired on MX Player. It is having only one season comprising of eleven episodes in total. It is available in Hindi, Bangla, English, Telugu as well as in the Tamil Language. The Queen series is directed by Prasath Murugesan and Gautham Menon and written by Reshma Ghatala. Times studio originals along with Ondraga Digital has produced this series. It stars Ramya Krishnan and Indrajith Sukumaran.

A first look poster was released in early September 2019 depicting Ramya Krishnan’s character addressing cadres at a political rally. And then the teaser trailer for the Queen series was released on 1 December 2019 on YouTube. The eleven episode Queen season was released in its entirety exclusively via the MX Player streaming service on December 14, 2019.

The show, while inspired by true events, gives its readers the standard disclaimer of being a fictional retelling with creative visualization to boot. So, while the landscape of the web series is populated by characters and events that the reader’s mind will acknowledge at once, the show itself is based on Anita Sivakumaran’s book The Queen.


Based on the life of late AIADMK leader J Jayalalithaa, Queen follows Shakthi Seshadri, an ambitious young girl who aims to make it big as a lawyer. But circumstances force her into acting and then politics.

The series progresses as Shakti’s mother constrains her to stop her studies and work in films due to the money issues. Here Shakti meets GMR. To change a few things, power enters legislative issues and deifies its name until the end of time. Told through a filmy eye, Queen may sound cloudy however this closeness with the virtuoso on-screen established by Ramya Krishnan leaves a significant impression and causes us to contemplate – how much there is to this lady Jayalalitha who blended a transformation and how much there is to this actress who is currently so courageous and after each film.

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Ramya Krishnan steals the show

MX Player Queen Review
MX Player Queen Review

Ramya Krishnan is really the only reason to watch Queen. She takes over from episode nine when Shakthi reconnects with GMR after a long absence. He asks her to join his political party. She’s reluctant at first but finds herself unable to say no.

It’s a man’s world and she’s not welcome. GMR’s cronies ensure that they make this known to her, but it doesn’t matter to Shakthi. She believes in the causes that she and GMR take up and does her work diligently like she always has. Even when GMR dies and his groupies try to scare Shakthi off, she stands her ground. The season ends with Shakthi coming to terms with GMR’s death. In an awakening of sorts, she realizes that she is now finally free. The time has come for her to make her own decisions and shine in her own light as the queen of hearts.


  • Ramya Krishnan as Shakthi Seshadri
    • Anika Surendran as the young Shakthi Seshadri
    • Anjana Jayaprakash as the vicenarian Shakthi Seshadri
  • Indrajith Sukumaran as G. M. Ravichandran (GMR)
  • Vamsi Krishna as Chaitanya Reddy
  • Lilette Dubey as an interviewer
  • Tulasi as Ranganayaki, Shakthi Sheshadri’s mother
    • Sonia Agarwal as young Ranganayaki, Shakthi Sheshadri’s mother
  • Gautham Menon as Sridhar
  • Karuppu Nambiar as Syed
  • Munna Simon as Srikanth, Shakthi Sheshadri’s brother
  • Vanitha Krishnachandran as Janani Devi
  • Viji Chandrasekhar as Suriyakala Dhanraj
  • Vivek Rajgopal as Pradeepan
  • Rajie Vijay Sarathy as Flavia
  • Hans Kaushik as Maya Rangaswamy
  • Charmila as Shakthi Sheshadri’s grandmother
  • Sruthy Jayan as Malar
  • Sarjano Khalid as Vinith

Script –

Writing a biopic for a famous character is constantly a precarious zone to step in. There are a ton of scenes which drive you to think whether they occurred seriously – some bode well, some don’t. The BGM just duplicates the impact in the enthusiastic scenes, which worked very well for me. The significant shortcoming of the story is to pursue a comparative configuration of biopics done previously. Queen, most likely has the heart at its ideal spot i.e in the head. Anikha Surendran’s and Ramya Krishna’s entrancing exhibition keeps up the Intrigue. Watch it for what it needs to state, as opposed to what it appears.

Direction –

director of queen MX Player
MX Player Queen Review Director: Gautham Menon

Gautham Menon and Prashanth Murugesan have done their work with complete earnestness. Their maturity towards direction is apparent from the work. If we talk about the feeble connection of the series, it is its screenplay and its editing. The directors go all-natural to delineate a period that could have been appeared in a straightforward way. The color patterns utilized aren’t sufficient to coordinate the atmosphere of the bygone eras. They drive some splendid enthusiastic sequences, as well, however, there’s something missing. The initial two scenes will keep you snared for some more. The series starts at a moderate speed, it progressively gets pace and that is all that anyone could need to make you stream all the episodes.

Verdict –

Queen is a story of misfortune, reclamation, love, achievement, and disappointment all incorporated in a single series. It is an intriguing adventure of an individual overwhelmingly depicted in an extremely engaging manner. Ramya Krishnan, Anikha Surendran, and Indrajith Sukumaran’s superlative performances have recognized as one of their best. Try not to hope to take in anything from the film however definitely trust in a fun time! MX Player Queen Review.

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