Nepal’s cable operators remove Indian news channels

Nepal’s cable operators remove indian news channels, except Doordarshan. However, there are no news of an official ban on the indian news channels by Nepalese government.

Multi-system operators (MSOs) such as Dishome, Mega Max, DSN and My TV decided to stop telecasting Indian news channels in Nepal from Thursday, except the state-run Doordarshan News.

Statements of some people in position

Dinesh Subedi, the chairman of Multi-System Operator, foreign channel distributor, told reporters : “We have stopped the distribution of all Indian news channels except Doordarshan. We have halted distribution of India’s private news channels as they have aired news reports hurting Nepal’s national sentiment.”

Rajan Bhattarai, a member of the central committee of the ruling Nepal Communist Party and foreign affairs advisor to the prime minister, tweeted : “The news coming from Indian media against our PM and government after publication of new Map is condemnable. We completely reject their fabricated & fake reports. We urge them to respect Nepali government & people’s unified position on our sovereignty & national independence.”

Nepal's cable operator have removed indian news channels
Nepal’s prime minister, KP Sharma Oli

Lately, prime misinter KP Sharma Oli was pointed out by some indian news channels. After citing some meetings of Nepalese political leaders with a Chinese envoy. After this, Former Deputy Prime Minister and Spokesperson of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Narayan Kaji Shrestha said : the Indian media must stop the baseless propaganda against Nepal government and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. All this have lead to Nepal’s cable operators to remove indian news channels.

Yuba Raj Khatiwada, Nepal’s information minister said that Nepal’s government would not lead to such actions. It will seek political and legal remedies against the Indian media’s reports that jeopardise the nation, nationality and self-respect of Nepali people, if needed.

After Nepal’s releasing a new map with some disputed indian territories included in it. A situation that lead to a controversy between the two countries. Now, this step will surely lead to more strain on the relations between both the countries.

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