Positive Thinking Creates Miracles


  • Positive thinking is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming process.
  • One has to practice daily.

 People Opinion for Positive Thinking

Neuro Linguistic programming

Many people think that positive thinking is a believed process. But, my dear friends, it is not a believe process rather, it is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Where one has to practice daily for positive outcomes throughout the day.   In our day to day life we come across good and bad situations, but, nothing is good or bad it is just our thinking that makes things good or bad.

Our perception only tells us good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative to everything in the world. To notice good qualities and honesty in every situation of life stands as positive thinking. And, to observe imperfection and worthlessness in everything situation of life is surely negative thinking.

Comparative Analysis of Positive and Negative Thinking

Positivity leads to success

  • Positive thinking makes us stress-free and gives us a fresher outlook of life.
    • Negative thinking makes us feel stressed out frustrated and disappointed with life.
  • Positive thoughts give rise to optimistic emotions such as kindness, love, sympathy, forgiveness, gratefulness, blissfulness, patience, confidence, generosity and hope.
    • Negative thoughts multiply bad qualities and give birth to fear, anger hatred, suspicion, sorrows, worry, intolerance, uncertainty, self-centeredness and hopelessness.

Perception of a Positive Thinking Person

Positive Thinking

A person with a healthy mind always takes everything positive and also looks positivity in the other person. While a person with a contaminated mind always senses imperfection in the other person.

Positive thinking always tries to see the positive side of things and find the things in his favour.  For example, a salesman when he is out to sell his things from door to door, if he goes with positive mindset then without fail he will be able to sell his products and on the other hand, if he himself doubts his capabilities then he receives the same result.

Newton’s Third Law 

It is rightly said by Newton, to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. A negative thinker is self-responsible for his downfall. For instance, if a person thinks he is ill, then, surely will fall sick, as he is applying the secret and will get it. Our biggest enemy is the junk of negative thoughts in the head. The mantra to success lies only in our activities, accompanied by positive thinking.

Advantages of Positive Thinking

Advantages of Positive Thinking

There are many advantages of positive thinking:

  • Stress levels become less
  • There is a feeling of happiness and contentment in every situation
  • One is able to tackle problems without causing any tension because positive thinking gives the art of finding solutions to problems in a reasonable and practical manner
  • A person with positive thinking is never sad or disappointed
  • The capacity to work increases
  • Patience and self-confidence increases
  • Positive encouragement makes a devil person a better person
  • The decision-making capabilities also increase
  • A creative way of thinking develops
  • Good relationships in the family and society are maintained
  • There is a healthy development in one’s personality and character
  • One reaches the heights of success
  • Each one of us has some exceptional qualities that others may not have
  • Having positive thinking gives us the power to recognize those qualities
  • Positive thinking increases the health-protecting hormones in the body that in turn strengthen the immune system and make us healthy.
  • People with positive thinking do not depend on others for their happiness they create an atmosphere of joy and happiness where ever they are.

A big question, how to develop positive thinking?

Yoga and Pranayama

First of all, one has to take their own remote control into their own hands not passing it on to others. The true ability of a person is put to test in adverse situations, struggling and then overcoming the problems, by taking out a good solution.

Make enemy your friend, in fact, enemies are the only good friends and do good in our lives, as rivals always give the recognition to one. For instance; if we talk about PM Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi; the more Rahul Gandhi criticizes PM, the more PM Narendra Modi become popular and successful. Obstacles in life always leave a message and teach to live life bravely. Accept changes as change is the mother of nature.

Mantras of Positive Thinking

Believe in self

  • Try and focus on the positive aspects and good qualities in an individual or a situation, in place of finding mistakes.
  • Love whatever work you do and make continuous efforts to do it better.
  • Place self in other’s shoes (Empathy) and then take decisions.
  • Be optimistic stop blaming others,
  • Ignore small and unimportant things.
  • When face with any challenge either find a solution or else create it.
  • Failure is the ladder to success.
  • A man learns cycling only after falling down a number of times, so, keep the focus on the goal.
  • Stay away from negative thoughts and negative people.
  • Only think, whatever God does is the best.
  • Always use kind and positive language.
  • Read good books and meet all kinds of people from all spheres of life, so that one gets to learn some of the other thing from them.
  • Avoid walking with the drooping head, such a posture is a sign of negativity. However, if a negative thought enters the mind, immediately, say shut up! And scold it.

Positive Thinking Credentials

Believe in self

Positive thinkers always keep confidence in them and keep a positive attitude. They always say – I am and I will

  • Happy and satisfied in my life.
  • Try again and again till I get success.
  • My own boss and best friend.
  • A humble and Cooperative person.
  • Focused on my goal.
  • A unique person and lead a typical life to achieve success and will definitely be successful.

I am Possible

“If people think you to be wrong”

“It is a challenge for you to prove them wrong”

“Stay with Positive Thinking”

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