Netflix Announces New DOTA 2 Anime, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

Netflix Announces New DOTA 2 Anime :

DOTA 2 Heroes are getting in live-action, as Netflix Announces New DOTA 2 Anime.

For those who are not familiar, DOTA 2 is a video game in which Two or more players compete against each other. Each player designated or choose their favorite character and compete in an online battle. Obviously the most powerful wins. It a multiplayer game battle that takes place between 2 teams having at least 5 members. DOTA 2 is developed by Valve.

Today Netflix announced a big surprise for this game’s Fan, as this getting its own anime series. For more details like the Release date and synopsis about this upcoming Anime Read further.

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Details about upcoming DOTA 2 Anime Netflix:

Netflix Announces New DOTA 2 Anime And we couldn’t wait for our favorite character to be in Action, with Music going on in the background and moreover heroes speaking.

Netflix Announces New DOTA 2 Anime
Netflix Announces New DOTA 2 Anime

One of the producers of DOTA 2 Anime Ashley Edward Miller, said: fans will love how DOTA 2 Anime’s story will unfold. And also assured that Acting and Music is something that we couldn’t imagine, thanking Valve ( DOTA 2’s parent company) for making this dream finally a reality. DOTA 2 will be animated in MIR studio.

DOTA 2 Anime Numbers of Episodes:

DOTA 2 Anime will have 8 Episodes, with 30 minutes episodes each.

Netflix New DOTA 2 Anime Release date :

25th March 2021: The day DOTA 2 Anime is Releasing on Netflix. And it comes under Fantasy Genre as per Netflix.

 New DOTA 2 Anime storyline:

There are many video games present worldwide, which is further adapted into live-action series. But having millions of Players. Excitement for DOTA 2 is really great since Netflix Announces New DOTA 2 Anime. So, the question is which character of the game is being Mai in this anime?

So, this upcoming Anime’s story will revolve around Davion: Dragon knight. It will take you to the ancient time where he met Princess Mirana, and he trapped in series of events he couldn’t even imagine.

Watch Netflix Announces New DOTA 2 Anime official Date HERE :

Tell us in the comments which character apart from Davion you would like to see in this upcoming Anime?

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