New Animated comedy The Great North, Created by Producers of Bob’s Burgers let’s take a look why this two shows are completely unique.

New Animated comedy The Great North:

This New Animated comedy The Great North, is the creation of Executive producers of Bob’s Burgers. So being compared to one another is sort of given. However, Bob’s burger is Already a hit Award-winning animated series, cam The Great North follow that shoe step? So, let’s find out what makes that series unique from one another and comical at the same time.

The Great North :

Living in Alaska, single Dad Beef Toblin struggles to keep up with his Kids Judy, moon, Ham, wolf. As a single dad, he has struggles of his own. His wife does not present all he wants to do is, give a good life to his children Especially his teenage daughter Judy who wants to go to the local mall from their fishing boat. Doesn’t Know what to do he had an imaginary friend for advice who appears from Northern lights.

New Animated comedy The Great North
New Animated comedy The Great North

2 Episodes of this New Animated comedy The Great North aired, and people started comparing some has even rated it 1 star on google. But we are pretty sure as the series will progress there will be more story development along with characters. We can only compare these 2 series if we gave more episodes of the Great north.

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The Bob’s Burgers :

As we all know this Animated series revolves around Bob’s dream to make his Titular burger restaurant famous, supported by his wife and children. But it is not doing well as his competition is Jimmy Pesto. Bob’s wife Linda is now fed up with all the losses in business. This whole chaos makes great comic scenes Bob’s burger experimenting, quarrel with wife, kids, and competitors. So it is a brainer that the series is now 11 seasons old.

What makes this series Unique:

Apart from producers, according to us, everything is quite different in the New Animated comedy The Great North and Bob’s Burgers. From storyline to Animations, however, both series are comic and worth watching.

According to you which series is better Bob’s Burgers or New Animated comedy The Great North, tell us in comments.

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