Netflix to launch ‘shuffle play’ feature worldwide in 2021

Netflix shuffle play launch:

Netflix shuffle play feature to launch worldwide this year. They are one of the biggest and glitch free streaming platform. If you want smooth streaming experience you turn to Netflix. Having thousands of streaming options is cherry on the top. Having more than couple of hundreds million subscribers, they always strive for better watching experience.

Now, they are about to add one such feature to their streaming platform called “shuffle play”. Trials and Testings are going on and you will get this feature sometimes this year. However, on Twitter this feature got Mixed reactions …. as always. But the good news is testing on actual users is giving them good response. Hence they decided to move further with this new feature.

what is Netflix shuffle play and how it will work ?

shuffle play is nothing but Netflix randomly playing contents based on your personal preference or something you have already watched earlier. It’s like Netflix recommendations, but by playing videos when you open your App and does not really know what to watch. Netflix shuffle play launch is estimated in 2021. So you can binge watch your favourite shows without being bothered to remember it.

It seems like Netflix and chill is really meant for this platform. As they doing everything possible to have their subscribers better watching experience. Now this shuffle button is said to be adding somewhere near your profile. With just one click you can get your recommendations for what to watch. What you are watching etc.

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When shuffle play coming to our screen?

If you are here after reading title. You know that it will be possible in 2021. But if this question is arising for exact date. Netflix left this part unconfirmed and it is estimated to take at least half of year 2021. Maybe we can gets our hands on this feature by June or July it is.

Netflix shuffle play launch
Netflix shuffle play launch

However, whenever this feature is coming we think this is a great feature to add for any streaming site. As sometime shuffling could be the good option when especially when you don’t know why you open this site. This will also mark as a great strategy for viewers to spend more time in this streaming platform.

what do you think about this feature will it help in better streaming experience? Tell us.