Alec Baldwin quits Twitter after defending wife Hilaria amid Spanish heritage controversy

Alec Baldwin quits Twitter and stated that he is quitting Twitter “for now” after wife Hilaria’s controversy regarding Spanish heritage. The 62-year-old actor announced his decision through his blogging website and said that Twitter is just like a party for everyone to scream. He then said Goodbye and left Twitter.

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Alec Baldwin leaves Twitter
Alec Baldwin quits Twitter amid Spanish heritage controversy.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin’s Twitter controversy

Twitterati is always full of controversies. Alec Baldwin quits Twitter after posting some thoughts by Martin Luther King Jr. He took an exit from Twitter after he said that the defeat of Jamie Raskin’s son is unspeakable. Alec then went on to share some articles.

He quits after his wife Hilaria Baldwin attracted criticism for her Spanish heritage. Everyone on social media asked all kinds of questions from her about her Spanish heritage. This came after some old clips went viral in which Hilaria was speaking in Spanish.

Although Alec’s wife tried to confront those who were questioning, and she gave an explanation. She said that she celebrates both the cultures at home because she was born in Boston but brought up in Spain. Alec Baldwin tried to defend Hilaria before he left Twitter. He shared a video on Instagram and explained how you defend those whom you love. In a video, he quoted a thought on how we live in the world of social media where we hide behind the anonymity.

People called out Hilaria Baldwin for her pretentious nature. They said that she pretends to be of Spanish origin. She also received backlash for her accent of Spanish. People said that her Spanish accent is never remained the same and fluctuates when she is on TV.

Alec Baldwin quit Twitter because of frustration and exhaustion. His followers got disappointed and said that they wait for his tweets every day. Alec Baldwin also played Donald Trump on SNL.