NIGHTWISH bassist/vocalist MARKO HIETALA announces his departure from the band

NIGHTWISH fans must be going through a hard time. After all, it is an upsetting piece of news for NIGHTWISH fans. Because Bassist/Vocalist Marko Hietala has revealed the news of his exit from the band. NIGHTWISH vocalist, Hietala informed the fans that he is quitting from NIGHTWISH as well as from his public life.

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NIGHTWISH bassist Marko Hietala announces his departure
Marko Hietala is quitting the band and taking a break from public life.

NIGHTWISH and Marko Hietala’s departure from the band

He said that, from a few days, he has been unable to validate his life and that they are the banana republic of the music industry. In a statement, Hietala claimed that the largest promoters of the tour take percentages from their own merchandise while paying interest in the Middle East. He explained the reason behind his exit. Hietala explained how the big company wants artists to work for them from 9 to 5. And then they won’t even share the profits equally.

Marko went on explaining how the year 2020 forced him to stay home and think about the situation. He discovered that he has been disillusioned about these things. Marko said that he need new motivation to create new music and sing. He needs new reasons to play and sing. Hietala also told his fans not to worry and that he has been fine. He expressed the gratitude that he has two sons, a loving wife and family.

NIGHTWISH commented on Marko’s departure from the band. NIGHTWISH said that his departure has left them with some tough decisions to be made. After taking into consideration the situation and scenario, they have decided to perform on ‘Human. :II: Nature’. They will perform it in their upcoming world tour with a temporary bass player. The dates of the live performance will be announced soon. NIGHTWISH said that they respect Hietala’s choices and, they wished him good luck. They refused to make comments any further.

NIGHTWISH is a heavy metal band, and the news of the resignation of one of its main lead is upsetting for its fans.