Stacy Title dies at the age of 56. Stacy Title was known to be a producer, writer and director. She was famous for her contribution to the films ‘The Bye Bye Man’ and ‘The Last Supper’. Stacy Title died from the complications caused by ALS. Her manager broke the news of Stacy’s death.

Stacy Title dies at 56 from ALS complications

Stacy Title dies at 56. Her husband Jonathan Penner and Stacy collaborated for many movies.

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Stacy Title’s husband took to Twitter to announce the news of her death. Jonathan Penner shared a picture of Stacy on Twitter. Stacy was born and brought up in New York and entered the film industry in 1993 with ‘Down on the Waterfront’. The Oscar nomination for ‘Down on the Waterfront is worth mentioning here.

She garnered praise and appreciation for her work in many other films. For example, ‘Let the Devil Wear Black’, ‘Hood of Horror’ and the very own ‘The Last Supper’. She also contributed as a writer in many projects, including the one she directed. Stacy Title is credited with the production of outstanding projects like ‘The Last Supper’. ‘Let the Devil Wear Black’ and not to forget ‘The Lone Ranger’. The fans of her work will go through a really hard time learning that Stacy Title is no more. The news that Stacy Title dies is heartbreaking for the world film industry. She was a legend when it comes to direction and writing scripts.

Stacy Title and her husband Jonathan Penner worked together on many films. They also wrote some scripts together. Like the one for ‘The Lone Ranger’. The film starred Nathaniel Arcand and it also featured Chad Michael Murray. Jonathan Penner also appeared in ‘The Last Supper’. They were collaborating on a television series ‘King Kong’ when the news came that Stacy Title dies.

The reports claim that Stacy Title dies from the complications of ALS. She met with a car accident in 2017, and due to that, she was battling with ALS. Stacy Title had big dreams for her last film ‘Walking Time Bomb’. The film had Jason Alexander, Bob Odenkirk and Cary Elwes. But sadly that did not work out as Stacy Title dies.