Nintendo Switch Leak Launches The upcoming Installment of the popular RPG

Nintendo switch leak :

Nintendo switch leak launches the upcoming installment of popular Role-playing games (RPG). Japan’s Nintendo listed kingdom come – Deliverance new edition coming to switch. The New edition of the game is called the Royal edition.
Kingdom comes – deliverance is launched in 2018 and available for PS4, Xbox, clouds, etc. But it will be new for Nintendo. So, Let’s see Why this game was not available on switch till now. And when it is coming officially on Nintendo switch.

Why kingdom come- Deliverance is not available on Nintendo Switch?

Kingdom come has lots of glitches and said to be poorly optimized. So playing on clouds is always a safe option for games like this. Even players can’t play it on PS4 for a long time. If it is coming to Nintendo it will be heavily optimized first or mentioning the name of this game in the listing could be an error.
Another chance this game could come to Nintendo as listed this will be only available on Nintendo cloud streaming. And it is only Japan exclusive.

All about kingdom come – Deliverance:

  • Set in Bohemian war 1403, this is an action role-playing game.
  • It is developed by warhorse studio.
  • Launched in 2018.
  • Available for PS4 and Xbox, however, we recommend playing on the cloud.
  • Because of its heavy graphic game is not optimized, therefore has numerous errors and issues.

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When kingdom come – Deliverance is coming to Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo switch leak : kingdom come - Deliverance coming to switch ?
Nintendo switch leak: kingdom come – Deliverance coming to switch?

“If” it is coming to Nintendo switch then it will be available by 18th February 2021. As mentioned in listings. However, no official statement from Kingdom come or an official Nintendo site is made yet. Nintendo switch leak could be an error as it happened in past. But nothing is clear as of now.


  • Nintendo Japan leak kingdom come- Deliverance is coming to switch.
  • If this is true it might be available from 18th February 2021.
  • This game could be Japan exclusive as Nintendo cloud streaming is only available there.
  • However, if this Nintendo switch leak is true, this game is an optimized version of itself.
  • We can only wait for official statements to know whether it is an error or this game is coming to switch.