Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker quits after three years as Time Lord

It is bad news for Time Lord fans. Jodie Whittaker quits at the end of the Doctor Who series. Reportedly, Jodie Whittaker has talked to the superiors that she plans to discontinue the show as she follows the rule of quitting after three consecutive series in the TARDIS. As per the reports, there is a whisper that Jodie Whittaker quits. But the news of her leaving the show is a secret. The reports also suggest that the introduction of the 14th Doctor will be recorded and its gonna be interesting.

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Jodie Whittaker quits Doctor Who after three years

Although Jodie Whittaker quits, she is interested to take on other roles. Jodie had earlier told the media that she is fascinated by her role, but she will hand over the role when the time comes. Jodie broke the records when she was declared as the Thirteenth Doctor. She was handed over the role by prior actor Peter Capaldi. The showrunner, Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker had previously worked together on ‘Broadchurch’. Chris said that Jodie is the actress he always wanted to introduce as the first doctor. He also said that she was his first priority.

Jodie Whittaker quits after three years as Time Lord
Jodie Whittaker quits Doctor Who after three years to maintain the traditional rule of the TARDIS.

Jodie Whittaker was first seen in 2017 in the Christmas special. Her series name is ‘Twice Upon A Time’ which was screened from October to December 2018. Jodie’s second series is due to be aired from January to March 2020. It will be hard for the fans seeing Jodie Whittaker quit as she has been on the show for three years. She was declared as the first female actor to play the role of the popular character in 2017. And now Jodie Whittaker quits after the next series to maintain the rules of the TARDIS.

As of now, Jodie Whittaker’s officials have not made any comment about her intention to quit the show after working for three years. The shooting of the next season will be completed by this Summer. And it will go on air in Autumn.