NLE Choppa trolled for criticizing BLM

Rapper NLE Choppa is enduring severe criticism after criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement few days after Jacob Blake shooting.

NLE Chobba recently in an attempt to be ‘woke’ on social media, endured several criticism. The rapper believes that this will not make any difference. According to Choppa what the media is doing, is distracting masses from the reality. His words were,

 “Media get you to focus on watts not important. Everything you seeing is distracting you from watts really going on in the world ??”

NLE Choppa
According to Choppa what the media is doing, is distracting masses from the reality.

Also, he said that what is on TV is to distract the people from what actually is going on. Plus, he said that one has to look within themselves to find answers.  However, the 17 years old rapper did not mention what actually is the greater cause. But NLE Choppa hinted about the another shooting case. The case is Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion shooting case.

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Choppa said,

“Y’all so worried about the meg and Tory situation and don’t even realize it got us arguing with our own race just different genders,”

The rapper said he had the intention of integrating everyone. Also, he wanted to show everyone the greater picture. The teen tried to make everyone positive, have a positive attitude and to make a difference within themselves. Although, he started rambling after a while. Also, the rapper said that protesting will change noting. Instead of protesting on the streets, people should meditate. His statement after the recent firing of Jacob Blake has angered the masses.

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