Harry Potter actress Jessie Cave on being raped at the age of 14

Jessie Cave the Hollywood actress of movie “Harry Potter” was being raped at the age of 14. She added that the rape was attempted by a tennis trainer.

When Babe become teenager, Babe and Cave who’s age is 33 years old were discussing about the topic related getting grown up.Babe revealed that once she had a fight for the topic had who had “a harder teenager-hood”.

Both the sisters Cave and Babe also further discussed about Babe struggles during her teenage. Babe even had braces and bad skin too, she added.

Cave said having a fair skin along with braces and bad skin is bad. But what about the rape happened at the age of 14. That is too bad. As the rape is attempted by the tennis trainer who can any one trust him. The tennis trainer was in power too.

The Harry Potter star, Jessie Cave confirmed that the rapist has been send to the jail.

Harry Potter actress Jessie Cave being raped at the age of 14

Jessie Cave  continued on:

“And really, the additional time I have away from it, the more I felt, this is going to sound dreadful. However I do feel very fortunate from multiple points of view that I had an assault that was really… .It didn’t annihilate me, and I believe that is something that individuals don’t discuss enough with sexual maltreatment and injury.

After the incident they are people who are okay with that. And there are again some people who have moved on.

Jessie Cave has also worked with the televisions shows. She has also worked as a comedian.

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