No game no life season 2

If one has viewed the primary season, you would know how acumanly amazing this Netflix anime is. It is very popular and talked about among its fans. The show focuses around the lives of two NEET gamers, Sora and his younger sister, Shiro, they take on a fantasy world where every game becomes a reality.

These two were undefeatable gamers, one day they were challenged by the god of games for a match of chess, they won and as a result, the god summons them to Disboard, a reality the revolves around games. Maintaining their undefeatable reputation, the conquered the sixteen ruling species and to usurp the god of games.

Sora is an 18-year-old male who excels at strategies and cold reading while his eleven-year-old sister, Shiro, excels in calculation and logic. The characters got a lot of depth to them, these are well developed characters with intriguing story lines and overall a great combination of meticulousness and action. Madhouse Studio showed their expertise in the visual and character designing.

Season 2

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“No game no life” season 1 was open to the general public on April 9, 2014, existing a complete of total of 12 episodes, the gap ended on the 25th of June, same year. Soon after the release the show got great, raving reviews from the viewers as well as the critiques, it was well received by the targeted audience and was instant hit.

The anime did well and was a commercial and advertisement success as well, many fans were certain about its comeback as the show ended on an open ending leaving many viewers with unanswered questions. Madhouse Studio released their prequel movie, titled ‘No Game No Life: Zero’, which premiered on July 15th 2017.

Although there are lots of speculation on when the season 2 will be released, the date has been estimated sometime in 2021, no one from the studio confirmed the news yet. Madhouse Studio excels in their genre, so everything they put out has to be commercially successful and perform really well for it to be renewable.

Needless to say, looking at studios previous records, except from ‘Overload’, most of their anime do not get a squeal, but ‘No Game No Life’ is amongst the best of their work and have been very well received. By May 2017, the sold over 3 Million copies of the novel in circulation. It was when Seven Seas Entertainment began localization of the manga, making it to, The New York Times Manga Best Sellers list.

IGN praised the anime for its unique character dynamics and its amazing chemistry between the characters. So analysing all the positive review of the anime, it would be bad business move if Madhouse don’t cash in for the second season.

Now coming to the source material, it covers 5 out of 10 volumes of the original light in the first season. The movie portrays the 6th volume which still leaves the creator with 4 more volume to cover. We can easily say that there is definitely no lack of content, hence not an issue. The loyal fanbase that ‘No Game No Life’ that Madhouse fathomed, seems to have a lot more potential to spread with the release of second season.

There were some cases filed against the writers for plagiarism allegedly, Yu Kamiya, later denied all allegations and proceeded to publish the last few volumes of the source. It is possible for these allegations adversely affected the release of second season, but as of now, these allegations are out of way. The anime is now of Netflix, which is a big deal for any anime and thus, with the positive reviews the fanbase grew stronger and will be up with season 2 soon.

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