NVIDIA GeForce Now exclusively available for Chromebooks

What is GeForce Now ?

GeForce Now is a cloud based game streaming service. You can connect your store accounts and stream your own library of games. It also contains free to play games. Using cloud save on supported devices you can now pick up your game where you left off on any device. Unfortunately, GeForce now is currently available in Europe and North America.

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now as a Chromebook exclusive :

GeForce Now has now launched for ChromeOS exclusively as a beta version.

Everybody must have heard that Fortnite has been a huge title in the world of gaming. But, earlier it was not available to play on Chromebooks due to the lack of an official android app. But now, thanks to NVIDIA’s GeForce Now, Chromebook owners can play Fortnite on their devices. This is a huge improvement for them. Earlier there was no official app for Fortnite on Android, but android users could always sideload it from elsewhere and they had to play using touch controls. Now they can use controllers, mouse, and keyboard to play it.

Subscriptions for GeForce Now

You can subscribe to GeForce Now for $4.99 per month in the US and for 4.99 pounds in Europe. Fortunately GeForce Now also has a free subscription plan for those who just want to try it out. But be careful free tier players, because GeForce Now will kick you out of your session as it ends. It will not wait for your match to end before kicking you out. You will have to wait in the queue again.

Nevertheless GeForce Now has brought about a huge change in the world of gaming and has made it possible for almost everybody to play games. Streaming technology has revolutionized the world of gaming. With competitors like SONY’s Playstation Now, Microsoft’s Project Xcloud, and Google Stadia, NVIDIA is doing a great job with GeForce Now.

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